Kansas City Healing After Deadly Hater Attack

The latest update on this local committed to further understanding amid an often divisive culture. Check more deets on her inspiring story:

Righting A World Turned Upside Down


  1. The middle class world is mostly just a fantasy.

  2. When bad shit happens to upper middle-class or affluent a new nonprofit is formed, movie/book deal signed, etc.

    Everybody else gets, life's not fair and a pat on the head.

  3. Golf academy, eat the rich.

  4. Ursula Haverbeck8/26/18, 12:14 PM

    When tragedy strikes Jews, it's world news, a book, a movie, etc. It's all about them. Attention-seeking and virtue-signalling at the most appalling, grotesque levels. Much Ado.

  5. It didn't occur to me that they were Jewish as much as the upper class is no longer insulated from the random violence the working class is exposed to everyday.

  6. ^^^The real, non-Marxist-fantasy world is not divided neatly into upper and working classes. This story says the woman worked for a living. If that does not automatically make her "working class" you need to change the reference back to "proletariat."


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