Kansas City Harley Shut Down Sparks Prez Trump Debate Amongst Bikers At Sturgis

Political chatter regarding the aftermath of the KC plant shut down amid hardcore drinking and all of the other wild times at this annual motorcycle rally.

Take a look:

NYT: Trump’s War With Harley-Davidson Has Divided America’s Bikers

A move by the company has put one of the country’s most iconic brands in the uncomfortable position of clashing with a president who is immensely popular with most of its customers.

Meanwhile, Thailand enjoys more jobs making bikes whilst KCMO workers struggle to find employment.

You decide . . .


  1. Not Trumps fault. Blame the unions.

    1. You are correct todays unions add thousands of dollars towards the price of anything they touch.

  2. the article does mention that overall this is a trump crowd. I think the real debate is over the actions of the company, not their support for the president.

  3. Harley Davidson Made in Thailand

  4. Won't be long before Harley is 100% made in Thailand and that will be the death of them in America. As for the union comments, if the autoworkers union was finally busted and they all made 5 bucks an hour do you think the cost of cars would go down one cent? Hell no. Cars cost what they cost because that's what the market will bear. No, I'm not in a union either.

  5. MAGA=Make Asia Git, America!8/11/18, 10:44 PM

    Hate that good to jobs were taken from here. Not liking that Silverados are Tundras under the hood and F150s are Titans under their hoods. And, the various Big3 SUVs, sedans, and compacts have their partnered import components in them, like the trucks.

    For years, decades even, there ain't no 100% USA manufactured and assembled vehicles anymore, y'all!

  6. Unions or not, Trump said corporations aren't leaving. No shipping jobs overseas anymore. They would be punished.

    Trump then creates a tax policy that encourages closing American plants and does nothing to keep jobs here.

    Trump failed. It's doesn't matter if he straight up lied about his priorities or doesn't know what he's doing. Either way, he failed.

    The jobs are leaving, which he said would not occur under his watch. Period. Over and over her said: Not going to happen. But it did. FAIL.

  7. ^^^ blah blah blah, you don’t know shit, overseas is where they’re selling like crazy, in America the real men generation bought their last bike a few years ago, the young pussy’s are buying mopedsnow, they were going to move sooner or later so they bailed on America for more money somewhere else. Got it dummy.

  8. ^^^ blah blah blah...Choking on Trump's cock. He couldn't hear the broken promises.

    Jobs aren't leaving. Period. Not going to happen. They will be taxed. They will be punished. It won't happen. MAGA.

    No excuses. He promised. He failed. Deal with it.

  9. Bikers in the past 25 years have been all about American made bikes. If they want to bitch at anyone it should be HD itself. HD going to anywhere in Asia should have the bikes in an uproar over that alone.

    But bikers are a dying breed of what America thinks of when the word biker comes to mind. The majority of todays riders are have no loyalty to anything other than maybe their 401 plan. They don't want a rough riding loud scooter. They want smooth riding and and names like Indian, Triumph, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Aprilia and even Victory. HD has a lot of competition now days and have lost out on staying with the changes in time which has landed the company in trouble many times in the past.

  10. God you fuckers can be so obtuse, intransigent and blinkered.

    It's a mixed bag to some respect (e.g. Harley.), but manufacturing jobs are UP DRAMATICALLY!!!!


    "The manufacturing mini-renaissance continues. Over the past year, according to today's employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the sector has added 222,000 jobs, 1 resuming a recovery that had paused in 2015 and 2016 amid strength in the dollar and weakness in the U.S. oil and gas industry.

    It's important to put this in context: There were more than 17 million manufacturing jobs in the U.S. as recently as 2001. Those 222,000 new manufacturing jobs since February 2017 accounted for just 9.8 percent of the payroll jobs added in the U.S.

    Still, that's higher than manufacturing's 8.5 percent share of total nonfarm payroll employment. The manufacturing sector is adding jobs at a faster pace than the rest of the economy, which hasn't happened much over the past half century. Manufacturing jobs pay better than other jobs ($900.55 in average weekly earnings for production and non-supervisory employees in February, versus $757.12 for the private sector as a whole). They also tend to have multiplier effects that most service jobs don't, creating other jobs and income in their wake. So a booming manufacturing sector is a very good thing."

    Fuckin idiots.

  11. What we are leaving out is Marionette SLie James couldn't even figure out a way to keep a major employer in Kansas City. Case closed.

  12. http://time.com/money/5322347/trump-tariffs-jobs/

    According to this article manufacturing jobs will be about net zero. I look around here and I don't see manufacturing jobs being added, only lost. The jobs I see looking for help are the shitty warehouse jobs at the intermodel. I work in a large office. Guess how many new faces I've seen due to new jobs added from the tax cut my 4th generation born-billionaire owners got? Zero. Not one job added. Everyone else's office is like that too. Oh, I take home enough extra for a extra tank of gas a month but so fucking what. At least my billionaire owners are taking home millions more and could buy back stock. I just thank God they won't have to eat cat food to survive now.

  13. ^^^^ poor baby, working at McDonald’s isn’t the way to improve, hell, I have a decent job and get 140 extra bucks a month so either your a McDonald’s worker or you’re a liar, and I’m thinking you’re both. Quit crying pussy and do something about it

  14. 8:01 hey dipshit, the “fake news” article is saying they “could lose jobs” and it’s a speculative article at best but in your zest to be a trump hater you left out the part where it also says it could create jobs, god you’re an idiot, get a life man, hating is getting you nowhere moron.

  15. @8:38, firing 800 people in Kansas City and adding 450 in Ohio doesn't seem like much of a "Job Creation" move.

    Please explain to the dumbasses like me how "The Donald" is getting the things like that he promised done.

    Thanks, I'll wait over here.

  16. ^^^^ Uhhhh, still waiting (crickets)...

  17. Let's talk about all the jobs lost at DST. Good jobs that pay far more than some crappy manufacturing job.

  18. Harley Riders are usually butt ass ugly, dim wit, thick skull dipshits who can't get laid. Who give a fuck what they think < (they don't) or who they support.

  19. ...AYE! AYE! AYE! ...RIDING THE GRAVY TRAIN!8/12/18, 8:43 PM

    8:01,so, some offices aren't adding staff. Those rich owners are having that generous tax adjusted income do some other expenditures and investments. Some are spending on additional homes, weddings, bar(bat)mitzvahs, vacays, and such. Billionaires and millionaires, plus some of those debt-loaded "putting on airs" types are keeping my family and friends very busy with custom home building, remodeling, repairs, pool and spa installations, outdoor kitchens, guest houses, fitness rooms, dog dens (it's a thing, and many are POSH), plus, more. Leawood to Liberty, Loch Lloyd to West Lawrence is getting their glitz on! Skilled trades are riding that train...


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