Kansas City Gunfire Throughout Urban Core Streets Over The Weekend

Welcome back to the work week amid multiple shootings at least one murder and several blocks shut down following gun battles.

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Shell casings line three-block area after shooting with critical injuries

Investigators are searching for information after a Sunday night shooting left a three-block area littered with shell casings. Police were called to an area near 25th and Cypress around 7:40 p.m. Sunday to investigate a shooting. When they arrived they found a woman in a car suffering from an apparent gunshot wound.


  1. That social worker experiment isn’t working out so well

  2. ^ The social worker experiment is working very well at using taxpayer dollars to achieve nothing.

  3. The social worker experiment and the Mayors Pizza parties fails.

  4. Damn Amish. Don't they realize that gunfire scares their poor horses.


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