Kansas City Gun Shop Robberies Trending

Here's another glimpse at the new hotness on local streets, more guns available on the black market AND a reminder that robbery is also illegal but still prevalent.

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Burglars strike at least six gun stores in two months

Federal agents want the public's help in solving a rash of gun store burglaries in the Kansas City area. There have been at least six break-ins over the past two months. The latest was Saturday, when someone stole merchandise from Frontier Justice in Kansas City, Kansas.


  1. Must be some good money for these idiots to steal and sell hot guns, I still can’t see it being worth spending life in prison for, wait, what? Oh they know mean jean will let them off and of course sLIE won’t do anything about it either.

  2. I'd expect gun shops to have much better security and more secure premises than your average 7-11. Unfortunately I'd be wrong.

    HUUUGE difference....................
    the latest BURGLARY had zero firearms stolen, unless i am mistaken......
    the firearms are almost always secured before the shop closes.....not always, but almost always.

  4. Gun shops in independence and KCK. Jurisdictions where the cops happen to be lazy and incompetent chickenshits. At least the ATF is on the Frontier Justice robbery.

  5. If only the gun shop had a gun this could all have been prevented.

    Hey, wait a second, that argument makes no sense.


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