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This one is a stretch but there's a worthwhile comparison declared her by this town's top faith writer. Take a look:

What Hindu and American nationalists have in common: 8-28-18

Even when I lived in India in 1956 and 1957 as a boy, I admired the way Hindus and Muslims there generally seemed to get along, despite the brutal violence between adherents of the two religions when independence and partition...


  1. Limited resources in a shithole may apply to urban youth, but your comparison is a bit of a miss. You just want brag about your travels, retire and do some more of it.

  2. BILLY is pushing fake history now.

    Muslims and Hindus got along?

    At the Partition after the British quit in India, the two group fought viciously and killed over a MILLION people.


  3. 6:59

    Dead on the money.

    The occasional respites from violence between ANY religion, ANY western culture and the Salifist Flag have been ONLY for the forces of Islam to gather strength for the next round of atrocities, terror and subjugation of Dhimmi populations.

    Europe is fucked.

  4. 7:02 is quite correct about Europe being fucked.

    Its transparently funny how Billy Tammy will make excuse after excuse for MUSLIMS, but bash Catholics and Israel repeatedly.

    One wonders what Billy Tammy REALLY believes.

    If anything.

  5. ^^Blah blah blah. Geezers giving their worthless opinions on a worthless blog. Your responses are as boring and ignorant as you all are.

  6. ^^^nice try, Billy. LOL!

    Care to refute any of the geezers statements?


    Of course not.

    But we know you read these comments, and they make you mad as hell!

  7. 7:45 Move to Pakistan fuckhead.

  8. Billy, should. He loves Muslims to much.

  9. WTF is an American Nationalist?

    The reason these assholes call themselves white nationalists is because the phrase American Nationalist makes to fucking sense unless you're a Native American.

    Jesus Christ, deport the white people. Send them back to Europe. Then they can be German Nationalist, French Nationalists, or whatever.

    White people are not Americans.

    White people are Europeans.

  10. 9:17

    Dead on the money!! Then, let's deport Mexicans back to Spain, the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs are all in on that!!

    Shut the fuck up Byron. You're ethnomasochistic hatred is the purest form of narcissism from a guy who needs some serious therapy.

  11. 9:41 nobody gives a fuck about your mental health evaluations.

    WTF does ethnomasochistic hatred mean? Spell check doesn't even consider it a word.

    It is not mental illness to point out that this country belongs to the Native Americans. The English Invaders stole it, but it still belongs to the Natives, just as Africa belongs to the Natives, & not the phony White Africans.

    Your mental illness is showing with your constant Byron Trolling.

    1. Bye, B'lie'RON! You believe this nation doesn't belong to whiteys. Now, get gone to wherever the FunkySchnauzers are from!

  12. Strother Martin8/28/18, 10:19 AM

    "The Indians were wiped-out because they made war with the Whites, and the Whites were more cunning and more numerous".---Kurt Vonnegut Marxists will always insist that Nationalism is bad. Billy T. is a Marxist.

  13. 9:48 there are NO native Americans...they came from somewhere else, most likely northern asia.

    And there are reasons the Indians were called Savages.

    Because they did sick, perverted things to the bodies of those they defeated.

    They deserved to lose.

  14. Africa, now there's a success story. Ever see a two story mud hut ? South Africa is about to join Zimbabwe in going down success of black leadership. With out white/Europeans the human race would stop advancing, despite that fact libtards.

  15. ^^Bullshit.

    If white people are so wonderful, then why are you lot such assholes?

    The only people who believe that the white race is wonderful are white men. Duh.

  16. Who is Byron & why isn't he allowed to comment on this blog?

    I thought this was supposed to be a free speech zone.

    I guess that only applies to white nationalists. It's okay if everyone hates them, since they love themselves so much.

    White nationalists are pussies, who are afraid to gather without police protection.

    White people are savages.

  17. Any rational person only has to look around at the world's chaos and consider the benefits of religion. There are none(!) except as a crutch for folks desperate to believe there is something more than our earthly existence. Human ego is reluctant to admit the obvious. This is it. Make the best of it you can. I too, would love to someday see my deceased loved ones, in paradise, but I refuse to accept the fairy tale. " The Greatest Story Ever Told", you betcha!!!!!!!!!!!

    Popes, mullahs, imams, monks, et al, all powerless to do a fucking thing to improve mankind's lot, but very good at taking his money and killing the other guy's followers. Religion is political.
    Man says "god says". "According to (insert bible, koran writer's name)" then the bullshit.

    Again, early man walked out of his cave and was awestruck and terrified by thunder and lightening. He said "Oh shit!", maybe I had better pray to whatever/whoever did that. RELIGION WAS BORN! People bought into all the bullshit, and are still being suckered today. Pass the plate and be generous. Fuck Billy...

  18. Security Guard Cameron Wright8/28/18, 12:32 PM

    @11:31 Make up your feeble mind. Are Whites "pussies" or "savages" ? The Antifas are the ones who , in spite of their large numbers, continue to have their cowardly, candy asses handed to them.

  19. 11:49, is KANSAS CITY ATHEIST COALITION propagandist.

    Their own national mentor, David Silverman, has had to resign over sexual harassment.

    Their irrational philosophy, when adopted by people with the power to act on their hatred of religion, has killed MILLIONS! Tranny loving Leftists, and generally fat.


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