Kansas City Dead Tree Media Powers KCP&L Propaganda Retort After Billing Push Back

Check the struggling Kansas City newspaper carrying the water of another big local company who is getting smacked down by local residents at the worst possible time . . . Right before election season.

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KCP&L committed to helping customers understand their bills | The Kansas City Star

The Kansas City region is experiencing one of the hottest summers in decades. That, coupled with recent changes to Kansas City Power & Light Company's budget billing program, have resulted in higher bills for some customers. We understand this has left some of our customers frustrated. We hear you.


  1. KCP&L committed to making big profits at the expense of the middle class.

  2. Ya, he looks committed to himself and a girlfriend his wife ain't found out about yet, and oh yeah you too. Power to the people.

  3. Keep bending over.

  4. What's to understand about your light bill? Here's your bill. Pay it or will turn off the power. There ya go.

  5. Water sky rockets, electric sky rockets. These are the real things that affect the lower and middles classes

  6. There's always been a class war

  7. Any special electric rates for the streetcar?
    Just askin'.

  8. ^ No special rates for the fair weather toy train which is why the individual rates have skyrocketed. The cost for operating the fair weather toy train has been passed on to the citizens. Another example of your shitty government screwing you.

  9. There was absolutely nothing wrong with their old budget billing system. Been on it for years. I've had it go up and I've had it go down...once a year. The change has never been more than a few bucks-$5-$15 up or down-on the annual adjustment.

    My bill was actually in negative territory for most of this year meaning my payments were being taken from a bank of overpayments. The minute I owed them more than I paid (in July), all of a sudden I'm "trued up" to an additional $45 per month.

    If you're going to adjust budget billings every few months instead of once a year then it is no longer budget billing, duh.

    Whatever regulatory body that oversees this monopoly needs to investigate and nothing in pasty white bread's statement was cause for quelling the roar they're hearing. Turn up the heat!!!


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