Kansas City Crafty Pillows For Hobos

And here's another reason why locals can't pull up to any stop light without being hit by a litany of local junkies.

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Bed of Bags: Kansas City woman repurposing plastic bags into beds for people who are homeless

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Sarah Stolberg, the creator of "Bed of Bags" is repurposing plastic bags into sleeping mats. The mats are distributed to people who are homeless in the metro area. Stolberg has worked with several churches, schools, community groups, offering classes on how to put the mats together.


  1. Pales in comparison to sleeping in their shitty Lee jeans which havent been washed in a year

  2. They dont want a plastic mattress lady that want booze money

  3. I'd gladly drink myself to death if I were sleeping rough.

  4. The real Barney Frank wasn't an asshole.

    The poor middle class is being put upon.

    Somebody better do something about "those people".

  5. Now make blankets for the homeless out of the 5 zillion plastic straws that supposedly are clogging up rivers and oceans.


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