Kansas City Congressman Cleaver Blames Prez Trump Tariffs For Hard Times

Prez Trump says the tariffs are working whist Congressman Cleaver questions the strategy and asks for feedback from his constituents.

Take a look:

Congressman Cleaver: I Want To Hear From You

During my trips back and forth to the Fifth District, I’ve heard from many people worried about the tariffs. Farmers and business leaders have expressed their concerns. I’ve visited with farmers in the Higginsville community and invited the Canadian Consul, John Cruickshank, to answer some of their questions.

The issue isn’t going away, in fact, I think there are others out there whom I haven’t heard from. Small contractors and others who help keep these larger industries flowing smoothly are worried about their future because of the tariffs.

I want to hear from you, if I haven’t already. Tell me how the tariffs are affecting your business, whether they may impact your supply line or ability to reach and maintain a presence in foreign markets, and how do you think Congress can help.

On my website, you can fill out a survey . . . If you do not wish to fill out the survey online, you can contact my office.

President Trump imposed tariffs on products from the European Union, Canada, China, and Mexico. In retaliation, those countries imposed tariffs on U.S. goods. In addition to the direct impacts of tariffs on American-made goods which businesses want to sell in overseas markets, tariffs can have negative effects on the price of goods for American consumers. We are already seeing the effects of tariffs with manufacturers forced to make lay-offs and companies moving overseas.

Reports from the White House say there are plans for a $12 billion emergency aid to help farmers caught in the trade war, but farmers have said they want “trade not aid”. They want to bale not take a “bail out”. They already have mother-nature to contend with - the uncertainty of the weather. Just this week, the USDA designated 19 Missouri counties as primary natural disaster areas due to the recent drought.

Tariffs are another added headache for many farmers who are already struggling. I want to hear from those who are dealing with this.

Emanuel Cleaver, II
Member of Congress

You decide . . . 


  1. Proof is in the pudding. 4% economic growth with Trump. I'd say his economic leadership is proven.

  2. Did the cleave have some of his investments take a hit? Because he sure as hell hasn’t done anything to help white people, everything he does is for his people, and I mean ghetto peeps, the peeps at the jazz museum and his church and mainly his family.

  3. Has Cleaver ever actually accomplished anything?
    Anything at all?
    It's always nothing but complaining about someone else or trying to talk about issues he obviously knows little or nothing about.
    Just taking up space.

  4. More

  5. So this is the Democrats game plan is for the mid-terms? Try to convince you the economy is not that great when everyone with eyes can see it is. After they spent eight years trying to convince you the economy was great, when everyone knew it sucked.

  6. Cleaver should go brag about the crime along the road named after him in KC. What has he done for KC again?

  7. Here is two totally worthless fucks.....Trump and Cleaver. They are the Chuck - Super Dave of Washington. Chuck would be the nigger of those two for damn sure. Welfare begging shit head.

  8. Is business off at the car wash? Donations down at the "church"? GRIFTER!

  9. Emmanuel, You're part of the problem dumbass.

    STFU. You're embarrassing the family and that's hard to do.

    1. Eldridge passed 20 years ago, faggot.

  10. 7:55 still butthurt baby girl, don’t worry, we all know that Donnie and chuck are king and you, well, you’re not even a pimple on his ass! Hahahahahahah!


  11. Democrat Cleaver voters wouldn't know a tariff if it bit them in the ass,,

    they just want Mo Free Stuff!

  12. Grand Standing POS hypocrite.

  13. Trump's tax increase starting to hurt.

  14. Forget about filling out the questionnaire. All Cleaver is doing is harvesting email addresses so he can increase his spam emailing data base.


  15. Carwash Cleaver is writing more letters instead of actually doing any work. He's only making visits to his district because it's election
    time. Career politicians like Cleaver and McCaskill only come around when they need your vote.

  16. Workin' at the carwash. Workin' at the carwash, yeah.

  17. cut-and-paste talking point.

    or, maybe not, it's too stupid.


  19. Racist make Cleaver look good.

  20. The tariffs are working, they're fucking shit up. Keep sucking on that 4.1% GDP growth dick Trump weirdos. We'll see what the next few quarters look like when the bounce from everyone trying to up exports before the dumbass tariffs kick in fizzles away.

  21. Trump's massive tax increase sucks.


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