Kansas City 'Complete Streets' Plan Threatens Crackdown On Midtown Drivers

City Hall conversation tonight focuses on a litany of local outrage against automobiles and anyone in KCMO who values time and convenience over half-baked solutions and empty promises from politicos during election season.

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City seeks public input on plan to ease pedestrian travel in Midtown

City planners are seeking diverse opinions when it comes to the streets of Kansas City. And, when a decision is made, it could impact how residents get around Midtown. On Tuesday, the Kansas City Public Works Department is hosting a public meeting to get citizens' input on its "Complete Streets Plan".


  1. A large and immediate improvement could be made by placing all phones squarely up the owners ass.

  2. Eliminate the extension of the fair weather toy train which would allow more room for wider sidewalks and a nice bike lane on each side of the streets. The fair weather toy train extension is supposed to take 5 years and by then the fair weather toy train will be obsolete before it is put into use.

  3. put a nice huge bike lane on broadway schmuck.

  4. More soyboy Birds is the answer for $400----

  5. "Complete Streets" fad makes the streets dangerous for wheelchairs and bikes. It has narrowed roads with dangerous high curbs that force cyclists into traffic even if no car is parked there. The complete streets fad has made power & light, river market, and parts of midtown into practically no-go zones for bikes. Also the "street diet" idea is so silly. City forefathers gave us wide boulevards and roadways and today's generation of airhead planners and MARC dimwits are narrowing them making it dangerous for cyclists and vexing to motorists. Eliminating a left turn lane in a "street diet" makes it dangerous for cyclists and makes traffic harder to cross. Bike lanes do nothing for bicycles safety yet irritate motorists even if no bike on them. What we need are wide streets with as much room to get on the right as possible without a ton of high curbing that make it impossible to get away from a distracted driver. I ride to work everyday downtown and these expensive and dangerous streetscapes are going to kill someone soon. Have you seen the silly obstacles in the sidewalks e.g. the plant beds with guillotine blade fence enclosures in power&light? Sorry for rant.


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