Kansas City Chiefs Honcho Clark Hunt Quiet On National Anthem Debate But Touts Footballer 'Social Justice' Activism

To be fair, hardcore right wing hacks aren't willing to give him credit for FINALLY getting rid of Marcus Peters after his continued anthem disrespect . . . Here's the team hoping to dodge this issue using typically "nice" language that doesn't always reflect the feelings of their fans on this issue that Prez Trump has adopted as a rallying cry . . .

“We’ve not specifically talked about the anthem, but we have talked extensively about the league’s and the Chiefs’ social justice initiative—both in a group setting and with the players individually,” Hunt said. “I’ve talked to them about getting involved in the community and making a difference with the causes they care about.”

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Clark Hunt on NFL anthem policy discussion: "There's nothing to report on that"

Saturday afternoon was the first time Kansas City Chiefs owner, chairman and CEO Clark Hunt was made available to the media since the NFL's anthem policy was put on hold. The original policy, as unanimously voted upon by all NFL owners back in late May, required players to stand for the anthem or stay in the locker room, or become subject to fines from the league.


  1. Hunt Oil in Peru changed the laws so they could kill indigenous people and protesters on their drilling sites.

  2. “I’ve talked to them about getting involved in the community and making a difference with the causes they care about.”

    TRANSLATION = I hate you rich, pampered, uneducated, flat liner, pieces of shit almost as much as I hate the fuckin union that supports this self destructive stupidity that is destroying our business.

    But for right now, I and the rest of the owners, are smooth between our legs like a Ken Doll, because we love the money, even the reduced gross that we receive, more than we hate you. But, make no mistake about it, at some point, if there is some way, I can fuck any of you, or, any of the other owners can fuck you, we will T-REX you self destructive morons so bad your kids will be selling pencils on street corners.

    In the meantime, all of the owners, including myself, will just shake our heads at your galactic ignorance, narcissism, arrogant self regard and lack of any respect for a business model that has made you "victims" rich and try to play both sides of the issue.

  3. Clark Khunt a cunt who has never worked day in his privileged life. Too much of a cunt to tell his ghetto employees what they’re going to do. Fuck the Chiefs.

  4. The only people who interview NFL players are sports journalists, and they're not about to risk their jobs by asking probing questions. It looks like none of these player will ever have to justify their opinion objectively. I wonder if they could.

  5. The players need to remove politics from sporting events. It is not doing anything positive.


  6. Professional sports used to be entertainment when it got changed to lectures is when I started saving a lot of money.

  7. F the kc cheaps

  8. Who really cares about professional sports. They are not role models. They dont make the world better.They are overpaid idiots who play kid games and think they are important.

  9. Instead of watching football all weekend try teaching kids life skills and other things that will reap rewards such as work ethics and job skills

  10. ^ +100 All of the ineffective feel good organizations, Nova, Moms in charge, Aim for peace and a host of others should join forces with big brothas and big sistas.

  11. @4:29 So true. I hope they take this advice as the future of sports entertainment is in jeopardy.


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