Kansas City Booze Delivery Coming Soon???

Check tech talk devised so that candidates for reelection can opine and earn political capital for their "adoption" of a service that hit other cities quicker without as many biz hurdles as this cowtown offers . . . Read more:

Kansas City Council considers allowing home delivery of alcoholic beverages

The Kansas City Council is discussing an ordinance that would allow people to order alcohol for delivery to their homes. The process would involve an app on a smart phone. One popular app, active in some cities, is called Drizly. The current ordinance in Kansas City requires people to buy alcoholic beverages in-person.


  1. What a stupid idea.

  2. ^^Wake up Maude, it's already happening in other mother "developed" cities around the country. We're not going back to 1952. Adapt or die.

  3. Liability will kill this wing nut idea.

  4. You can already get booze shipped to your home via FedEx or UPS. Only makes sense to encourage people who are drinking to do it safely. This makes good sense to allow local deliveries.

  5. This is nothing new, I remember when the smaller taxi services in Johnson would go pick up your alcohol and prescriptions and bring them to your house back until the early 70's. In the Paola area up until just a few short years ago The one car taxi service that was in that town would do the same as well as get some groceries for you.

  6. sLIE is getting to fat and lazy to get his own booze or did Go4kc quit getting it for him


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