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We've heard a lot this week form Kansas City's foremost faith writer given recent global controversy for the Church. Here's his latest missive on the many alleged sins of this religious institution.

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Pope confesses that the church is hypocritical: 8-22-18


  1. "It is a remarkable, if late, mea culpa. What the world waits to learn now, of course, is whether this pope can cleanse the filth out of the church and buttress (or create) the structures designed to prevent any more children from being injured. That will require some deep structural adjustments in the church, and all possibilities must be on the table, from a married priesthood to the ordination of women to an understanding among the people in the pews that they are the ones who hold power."

    Billy is correct.


  2. The pope is hypocritical.

  3. Have to argue with your headline, Tony.
    There is no "Catholic Crisis", there's just "business as usual".

    Unless, of course you are referring to the "crisis" of the Catholic Church having lost enough clout that it can no longer keep this "business as usual" covered up.

  4. We should all convert to Islam. How about it Bill?

  5. Bill remains clueless. Married and women clergy will solve the problem? There have been 6 sex abuse cases in one local school district in the last year. (Compared to zero in the local Church). Last I checked, there are married men and women involved there. Married clergy have nothing to do with it. Liberals don't like facts but the issue is a homosexual issue as well over 80% of these issues involved homosexual encounters. In fact, were these outside of the Church, they might even be celebrated in some quarters as examples of a modern and open society. If this small percentage of priests (even one is too many but it's a tiny percentage) simply lived their vows like most priests do, this crisis doesn't happen. A larger percentage of married teachers and ministers are accused according to insurance actuaries but perhaps societies bar is lower for them.

  6. Muhammad married an 8 year old girl. Bill has not problem with that.

    In fact, he makes excuses for it.



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