Kansas City Blogger Blasts Catholic Alleged Collusion And Sex Crime Indictments

This town's foremost faith writer and blogger jumps on the bandwagon against the Catholic Church in this post and offers perspective on recent scathing allegations from a journalistic perspective . . . Read more:

When the church colludes with evil: 8-18/19-18

This past Thursday here on the blog I wrote briefly about the shocking report from a Pennsylvania grand jury (the image here today show's the report's cover page) that said some 1,000 (no doubt many more) children had been abused...


  1. What’s new, by the way, what’s his religion?

  2. Billy is dead on the money in this article.

    "Sherwood puts it this way: "Francis, considered progressive and enlightened on many issues, has struggled to get a grip on the scandal that has gravely weakened the Catholic church’s moral authority. Despite calling for 'decisive action' when he was elected as pontiff in 2013, he has failed to turn that into a reality. Instead he has been on the back foot, reactive rather than proactive, and has misread the extent of betrayal by the church."

    Pope Franny is cut from the same vein as Billy. A wanna be politician/SJW whose faux sanctimony is sacrosanct high ground in the Socialist/Catholic Cathedral.

    The Catholic Church is a perfect replica of the American Deep State, betraying those who depend on their guidance, instruction and good services in day to day life, only to find out, that they have been betrayed in the most egregious and 'sinful' of methods in return for temporal power, money and sinecure.

    Next up for Billy, an article on the phenomenon that is even more egregious, more pervasive by thousands of counts, on a world wide basis, Islamic sexual grooming.


  3. Bill’s religion? Bitter old faggot.

  4. ^^^ that’s funny right there!

  5. How can anyone leave a child in the care of a Catholic anything ?

  6. Yeah, 12:01, your broadbrushing is blatantly biased and simplistic.

    So, how can anyone let kiddies live in high homicide Killa City? See, how that works?

    There are some violent crimmies in secular societies and in some church congregations. The majority of Catholics are not proven pedos, like the majority of Kansas City's residents are not known killers!


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