Kansas City Blogger: Abuse Testimony Confronts Clerics From All Faiths

Really important post from the top faith blogger in KC offers a look at the bigger picture when it comes to abuse by the clergy -- A topic which challenges religious communities no matter denomination and across the globe . . . Read more:

The width and depth of abuse scandals: 8-30-18

The world has been both appalled and fascinated by the ongoing scandal in the Catholic Church involving priests who sexually abused children and the bishops who protected those priests. In his recent visit to Ireland, Pope Francis apologized for the...


  1. If you think this only happens with the Catholic Church you’re an idiot, it only gets attention because scum like billy hate Catholics. The media love to write stories about catholics, it amazes me when these hood preachers get busted for having sex with kids that it’s only in the news for a few days, with catholic priests it’s months and years of coverage. Why don’t they report on all the abuses within all churches?

  2. ^^^Why don't you have anything better to do? Rest assured dude..you are un-molestable.

  3. They do, Mr. Dumas @7:22, it's just that pedophilia (and its coverup) is and has been so institutionalized in the Catholic Church that the magnitude of the disgusting offences outgrow any other denominations.

  4. ^^Ugh huh. You make incredible points here. Serious question though...why are you here at 7:22AM & 8:16AM? Why don't you have a life? Is this all you have?

  5. So why are you here?
    Oh, you have no life, so you bitch and whine about other people - got it!

    Go get your shoeshine box, little boy!

  6. Simon Of Trent8/30/18, 9:08 AM

    Here's some pedophile Rabbis that Billy (and the Jewish Media) missed: Shlomo Aviner, Lewis Brenner, Ephraim Bryks, Shlomo Carlebach, Perry Ian Cohen, Yitchak Cohen, Ephraim Goldberg, Sidney Goldenberg, Joel Gordon, Israel Grunwald, Yehudah Friedlander.....there are at least seventy more. Several Rabbis in New Jersey were busted for organ trafficking and money laundering not very long ago---maybe Billy could tell us why no one has ever heard of these men (and never will).

  7. AS if teachers, Lawyers, and Doctors are sex abusers?

    Why doesn't Billy mention all the Muslim perversions that are being carried out across the country?

  8. Didn't Bill's beloved first wife cheat on him and fuck his Pastor? And go on the marry him after she left Billy?

    Come on, Billy, we know you read this and like to take about "what that woman did" but you have never given us the details.

    Come on! Spice it up! What went down?

  9. Hey, Bumbling Bill...non-consensual male on male sex, IS GAY, for the perp!!!8/30/18, 10:52 AM

    Yeah, 9:27, we don't have her side of the story. Bet Billy's not blameless on the failed union. This latest post of his is like that cherry-picked tale of his first marriage. It smacks of another 'partly-told, mostly hyped and plenty glanced past' screed.

    BT eagerly does a wholesale bash on Catholics and cites one Jew, Rosenfeld, when pouncing on the topic of clergy and educators committing abuses. So, he mentions he's written of OTHER "religious groups" and "traditions" that are reported as abusers. A quick Google search found loads of OTHER "church" abuse scandals reported across the globe: Baptists, Methodists, Mormons, Muslims, PRESBYTERIANS, Scientologists, and more.

  10. Sorry, @9:08, there isn't enough bandwidth to list the Catholic Priests (or even the "A"s) guilty of this abuse.

    1. And, not enough to list all the abusive muzzies who are wife-beaters, kiddie rapists, clit butchers, outed homo murderers,and rape victim assassins.

      Some US military personnel tried to intervene and get justice for abuse victims revealed to them while delpoyed in Afghanistan and other Middle East areas.

      God Bless Charles Maryland, a true American HERO!!!


      ^Martland, not Maryland, who was disrespected by some of US Army brass. The decent command staff, Senators, and Great Americans spoke up for Charles.

  11. Man says "God says"............


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