Kansas City Award Season Starts Now

Here's a glimpse at the last fig leaf for the struggling print industry . . . We're now heading into THE HORRIFIC LOCAL AWARD SEASON wherein clueless advertisers fork over big bucks for so many struggling magazines who can no longer offer credible circulation stats but instead offer pleasing verbiage and pleasant graphic design . . . Like it or not, it's a practice which defines life in the last days of the cannibalistic dead-tree culture of so many foodies cooking up horrible online content.

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2018 Feast 50 Awards: Kansas City

In our seventh-annual Feast 50 issue, we're highlighting more than 400 winners and runners-up across 50 categories in the Feast 50 Awards, as voted by you in our readers' choice


  1. That dish sort of gives "Shit On A Shingle" a whole new level of weirdness, doesn't it?


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