Kansas City Arts Scene Hits Big Time Thanks To Mayor Sly's Open Spaces???

An important write-up for a national publication offers high praise for the latest arty endeavor in Kansas City at the cost of only $500K for a low attendance fest that has been tirelessly promoted by City Hall instead of, you know, fixing locals streets & sewers.

Take a look:

Can Kansas City's Open Spaces Biennial Help Bridge the Divide in One of America's Most Segregated Cities? | artnet News

Around 2:30 a.m. this past Saturday, a makeshift jazz quartet was just getting going on the shallow stage at the Mutual Musicians Foundation's squat, two-story building on Highland Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. The building itself isn't much to look at: a concrete patio outside and a faint mustiness radiating from the aged wood paneling inside.


  1. LOL headline speaks volumes

  2. We need to be even more segregated by building a wall around the shithole hood.

  3. "artNet News"?
    For $500,000 you would have thought that Sly could have started his own publication to try to sell even more empty rah rah and, of course, all the "momentum" is all because of himself.
    Of course, we have the Star which is pretty much in the tank for Sly, so maybe that would have been overkill.
    In any event, the Open Spaces "art" show was yet another expensive bust that the gang at 12th and Oak got talked into.
    Sly's fading a whole lot faster that you might have thought.
    Soon, just like the Cheshire cat, there'll be nothing but a big smile left to see.


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