Kansas City 2018 Homicide #88: Man Gunned Down Outside Home Near Elementary School

Deadly violence continues in KCMO neighborhoods this afternoon.

Here's a quick round-up of the latest, local murder:

KCTV5: Police in Kansas City are investigating a fatal shooting in the area of the 7000 block of Askew.


"Authorities say a man around the age of 40 was found dead in the front yard of the home. The suspect was seen by witnesses fleeing the area in a gold mid-sized SUV, according to police."

There were 100 homicides at this time last year and 75 the year before that . . .

As always, anyone with info on this murder or any other crime is encouraged to contact the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477.


  1. Has someone made a map charting the location of every homicide? I'd be curious to look at that and see what it reveals

  2. There is a homicide tracker by location. You can Google it, or go to the KSHB web site, put in a forward slash and add homicide-tracker after the forward slash.

    You'll find a handful north of the river, and about five in and around Gladstone for the same homicide. Apparently, police-involved shootings are counted as homicides.

    There is also a homicides by zip code, and you will find one particular zip code with the highest homicide rate is very much south of the river.

    Hint: Statistics show you shouldn't go south of the river. If you do, arm up and be vigilant.

    Go4KC will be upset by this post.

  3. kcmo.gov also has an analysis of homicides in KC which shows that 70% of homicides are committed by blacks and Hispanics, with 27% of unknown race (I can take a guess based on their other statistics).

  4. The police just said that crime was on the decline, guess what, wrong again! Homies just love killing!

  5. A case of bullying.

  6. Mayor


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