Kansas City 2018 Homicide #78: Murder Count Still Rising Amid Summer Dog Days

The rate of KCMO killing continues to climb upward despite a litany of local anti-violence efforts and talking points so far this year that have proven completely ineffective.

Tonight a gunfight echoed through East 25th Street near Cypress Avenue.

"Neighbors reported possibly hearing a dozen gunshots coming from a car that may have traveled a several block area."

Even worse, the latest low-key killing report that only earned a modicum of Sunday news coverage.


KCTV5: Kansas City police say a man was shot, killed in the 6100 block of Tracy


Authorities say a man was dropped off at a local hospital shortly after midnight on Sunday.

After an investigation, police determined the man had been shot prior to his arrival at the hospital.

Hours after the victim arrived, police determined the chain of events that led to the man's death happened in on Tracy.

Unofficially, this is the 78th homicide so far this year compared to 90 at this time last year and 67 the year before that . . .

Developing . . .


  1. What sucks is that the murder rate isn't even an issue for most candidates in November or beyond that. A lot of people hate Trump but at least he talks about the problem and since his election the killing has gone down in Chicago.

    1. ^^^^^^^ None of that had anything to do with the comrade in Chief!

    2. ^^^^ Please, no more Trump derangement syndrome in KC please. We have much more important issues to address than putting a "nothing burger" on the menu.

  2. How bout we pick on the new worthless cocksucker Go4kc instead!

  3. 10:08 since trump threatened to bring in the troops crime has gone down in Chicago, just not as much as hoped, the usual interference from the dumocucks are keeping it from dropping to all time lows

  4. Welcome to KC...toot toot

    Have you checked out our award winning public schools?

  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^ Ouch.

    True enough. There's not much hope for the future when the future can't read.

  6. Very Cool! Nothing can stop Killa City.

  7. Many


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