A quick note from our blog community offers another important perspective about last night and the election drama continued @ the Courthouse . . .


There was a lot to unpack from last nights election results regarding the public's perception of Jackson County government. Here is a quick take of who the winners and losers last night were among the power players based upon insider conversations last night at the different victory (and defeat) parties.

Big Winner:

Team Crystal: Give credit where it is due; She simply wiped the floor with John Burnett who is no slouch politically speaking. Most surprising was her margin of victory in eastern Jackson county, where Burnett's support would have appeared to be the strongest given the all-in support of old-school Independence politicos. Insiders have been buzzing for some time that the sloppy and over-the-top purported anti-Crystal piece picturing her alongside Mike Sanders had all the hallmarks of an inside job, done by some Crystal supporters to both paint her as a victim of the bullies and link her with a person who still remains extremely popular within the democratic party faithful.

Big Losers:

Legislator Tony Miller: Miller almost suffered one of the worst political embarrassments in local political history. Tony was taken to the wire by a "transitioning" unfunded loco-man-and-wife-team who nobody knew, and ran ZERO campaign whatsoever. As much as anything, this was a referendum on Miller's bobble-headed unwavering fanboy support for all things Frank, and it nearly cost him his seat.

The "old-school" Independence team of Callahan, Carnes and the Levotas: The Callahan group has been quiet for awhile, but came off the bench to heavily support the candidates Wrabec, Burnett, and Smith. They all went 0-3 last night. In fact, Callahan is known for his unwillingness to given campaign money, but took the very unusual step of one of his committee's being a major donor to both Wrabec and (John) Burnett. All three candidates were dominated by their opponents in the groups alleged stronghold of Independence. Times have officially changed in independence, for the better, and last night was electoral proof.

You decide . . .


  1. Frank needs to leave the county. He should run for mayor!

    1. Obviously,by the looks of things he would probably win.

  2. The real losers in these two and other Jackson County races are the residents who live here.
    Incompetence, law suits, squandered opportunities, misplaced priorities, wasted tax money, and endless embarrassments as far as the eye can see.
    No private company that valued its own survival would ever hire people like this.
    And just wait and see who becomes/stays sheriff!

  3. Frank White won't last his term. Crystal will continue drag the democrats down. The status quo will not do anything except for bicker over the decline of Jackson County. The other losers are the democrat state senators that endorsed John Burnett. Only shows that they were losers in Jeff City and bigger losers in Jackson County.

  4. This type of analysis is what makes this site. Would never read any of this in the MSM, takes too much thought. Don't like Crystal at all, but this seems spot on and always thought there was something stupidly fishy about that committee piece.

  5. "Roberta" will never grow boobs or have HIS parts cut off. I would say that a Republican activist filed under a false name. Fraud is still a crime even in that backward state.

  6. Tony Miller LOST. Turn in your keys Tony. Mr. Miller if you had voted with the Conservative goodguys your would have walked. You did not. You voted with the Hillary Crowd. Your penis is very small and does not matter.

  7. Crystal really is an arrogant and horrible person. Not liked at all by the staff and she is a bully. But she knows how to play the woman card to get what she wants. Tony is nothing but a do-nothing ass kisser that thinks by cozying up to people, rather than doing his job, would make him somebody. Callahan/Carnes is an evil turd, but smart.

  8. Wrabac was a fucking disaster. He suggested sex with women constantly. He wanted videos of sex.

  9. Culture of Corruption8/8/18, 4:02 PM

    Tony has been running for Executive and just hanging out on the leg.

  10. Mike Sanders still lives through Franklin, who is the extension of Denny Waits. That was the Democrat way. That was the corruption.

  11. Eastern Jackson County lawyers definitely have their "favorites" and get "the best deals" out there.

    In my opinion only, of course.

  12. 4:31
    I guess you should share your opinion with the FBI?

  13. 4:22 and what about Frank White, who Mike Sanders finagled to make county executive and then cooked up the super secret mortgage "loan" or "gift" for?

  14. Frank needs to get out of this job, he's going to get himself in trouble. He's just getting used by people looking to take advantage of his incompetent leadership.

  15. Dummycrats got the butts handed to them yesterday and will again come November.

    The Red Wave of MAGA is coming on strong.

  16. Unannounced losers are all the former cronies that Mikey Sanders is ratting out to the Feds. Until he is sentenced, we can only guess how many will fall from grace. Bigger they are, harder they fall.

  17. The county has always been corrupt, the only good thing about it is that it's where political careers go to die!


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