Johnson County Election Commish Earns High Praise For Golden Ghetto Voting FAIL

Kobach recuses himself and the count continues . . . Meanwhile, there's no consequences for Democracy hanging by a threat in Kansas . . .

Johnson County officials shrug off Tuesday night's election night meltdown, compliment one another for failing

Voting equipment and tech support from Omaha vendor Election Systems & Software failed Johnson County for a second spectacular time on Tuesday night's primary election. But county officials say they have no buyer's remorse. "I have absolutely no regrets," Johnson County Election Commissioner Ronnie Metsker said of the county's agreement to purchase $10.5 million in new voting machines that made their debut two days ago.


  1. I'll have whatever Metsker's having.


  2. He's trying to steal the election for Kobach so mission accomplished! Seriously, there needs to be third-party consultants in Kansas for the November election. We're kind of like a third-world country aren't we?

  3. Yeah, @ 8:28, I hear that the Federal Governments are already planning to have Impartial Russian Observers standing by at all US Polling Place for the 2020 Elections.

    1. Russia russia russia! Waaaah!

  4. Compliment each other for failing?
    No wonder Brownback was seen as a hero in Kansas.

  5. Great story in the Pitch.
    Steve Klika, desperate to suck up to the R. party, says, "How far can you go punishing someone who admits they made a mistake?"
    Well, with that kind of thinking, Harvey Weinstein would still be making movies. And Bill Cosby would have a new TV series.

    The biggest thing in Pitch story is the suspicion that it was the COUNTY'S FAULT--computer cache's not cleared, insufficient memory and storage.


    I did love that Ed Eilert has alluded to--using the machines to limp through the Nov. general election since it's too late to change to a new contractor, then cancel the unpaid portion of the contract, which is like $9million of the $10.5 million.

    Eilert just may think he can somehow hide the fact if it IS the county's computers that caused the tabulation errors. Condensing from 1650 small files to the 192 larger thumb drives may have overwhelmed the system.

    And as Tony has had to coach me, clear your cache, clear your cache!!! For 20 years, the computer era, Johnson County has had computer issues because they don't know what they are doing.

    Someone find Earl Glynn. He should be the Election Commissioner. He applied the first time, but Kobach selected Ronnie Metzger, because as chair of the R. committee in Joco, and a super nice guy, despite his lack of tech savvy, he was expected to push Kobach into the governorship.

    How's that workin? Kobach will lose the primary, in the next 10 days.

  6. Since Kobach was willing to recuse himself it's a sure bet that he knows there are enough votes (from whatever source) in the "pot" to declare him the winner in the final count.


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