Jackson County Prosecutor Alleges Daughter Danced With Gun Before She Killed Daddy

Quick look at evidence from the charging dox today . . .

A search of the defendant's phone, subsequent to a search warrant being obtained, showed recent searches including "Scary movies where kids kill parents," and rap lyrics about wanting father dead. Also, the search showed a video with the defendant holding a gun and dancing in her bedroom. Police also found a hand-drawn depiction of stick figures, one labelled "me." That stick figure was shooting another labelled "dad."

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Daughter, 15, charged in the murder of Kansas City parents

A 15-year-old girl has been charged in connection with the fatal shootings of her parents in their Kansas City home. Daejona M. Holmes faces two counts of second-degree murder, two counts of armed criminal action and tampering with physical evidence. Prosecutors have requested a bond of $150,000.


  1. 1st degree murder !

  2. Story didn't make any sense until I got to the name, then the killed both parents part was really puzzling.

  3. Oh know..., Not Daejona....... She is such a role model, advanced scholar..... BLAA BLAA BLAA


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