Jackson County Exec Frank White Flexing On Legislature After Political Wins?!?!

He easily won his reelection challenge AND his Sheriff pick is moving forward . . . Here's a look at the Exec growing bolder in his push back against colleagues who challenged him as he first took office.

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Frank White vetoes ballot measure on pay raises, term limits | The Kansas City Star

County Executive Frank White on Thursday vetoed ballot language for a set of proposed changes to the Jackson County charter that would impose term limits on elected officials and "dramatically increase" the salaries for some of them. The county legislature could override the veto at its regular Monday meeting, so the measures still could be put to voters in November's general election.


  1. What I don't get is how is Frank White getting paid more than $140K now if the charter sets the executive pay at $108K?

  2. Term limits is needed now!

  3. If Frank White is so concerned about money, maybe he shouldn't have raided the COMBAT fund and keep skimming from other departments, just ignoring the budget that got approved, to keep paying Caleb Clifford over $140,000 and to keep paying his PR team, and to keep giving out only god knows how much to outside law firms he hires.

  4. I doubt Frank White has that much clout. He was running against two nobodies and still about one in three Democrats voting in the primary essentially said better nobody than Frank White. Between the state auditor and AG and the feds all investigating him I doubt he's county executive in another six months. How about The Star do some reporting on all that?

  5. Legislators blew it. They should have kept this simple. Move COMBAT to the prosecutor's office, put the jail under the sheriff, curtail the county executive's power and, in Frank's case, abuses of power. Instead, they had to get greedy.


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