It's Time For Kansas City Royals Layoffs

An worthwhile news link suggestion sent by one of the best & brightest blog community denizens mentions Bubba and so many other prospects that need to hit the bricks in order to put the team back on track.

Take a look:

House Cleaning

The Royals have just been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, essentially ending the season. And we still have a month to go. Probably best to start discussing plans for 2019, since this dumpster fire of a season has no purpose anymore. How did it end up like this?


  1. It’s called rebuilding and that’s what happened this year, get over it, it’s gonna take a few years just to be competitive let alone playoff worthy

  2. ^^^^^Dream on fool we were fed that line of bull back in the eighties and look how long it took them to rebuild to ever won only one more World Series again.

  3. Can't wait for the catchy slogan in 2019 from one Tobias Cook.

  4. We need to have a homosexual Gay Pride night in honour of how bad the Royals suck. The fans will be sucking each other’s dicks.


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