The initial title of the piece was a bit more skeptical . . .

KC is seeing a hotel boom. Now, the conventions and tournaments will come — right?

Sadly, all of this is happening AFTER KCMO cut a check to Mike Burke & Co for $35-MILLION and HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS MORE IN TAX BREAKS which now has City Hall buying into a glut that STILL might not bring more revenue to locals.

Here's the cleaned up version of the story:

Hotels want to build in KC, say it's a 'tourist destination' | The Kansas City Star

As construction crews behind him worked in the chilly March air, Kansas City Mayor Sly James declared a new chapter in the city's downtown development. Kansas City would no longer be overlooked for its limited accommodations. "When we were chasing the Republican National Convention, they loved Kansas City," James said at the groundbreaking ceremony for the $325 million Loews Kansas City Convention Center Hotel.


  1. Yeah build a hotel for that once every four year pie in the sky one week bicycle convention.


  2. Oh yes, after all we have 25 million tourists....NOT

    Hotels want to build because Mayor Bullhorn is giving so many freebies away.

    The RNC had no intentions of staying here, our roads are bad, crime is high the city is dirty, the market has gone downhill, and James doesn't have the smarts to sell anything to anyone.

  3. ^^Then move or die. Your complaints are getting tiresome.

  4. ^^^^^^What's the matter stupid is the truth to much to handle?

  5. So the Star still trying to convince you that this is all a good idea. If it was such a grand idea the big hotel chains would be all over it. Kansas City has nothing to offer those looking to host conventions. Entertainment wise it sucks downtown unless you like sitting in a bar. No shops to go browsing at and that shit at the Crossroads is not what visitors want to see. Downtown KC sucks and nobody wants to come and see it.

  6. ^^Hey geezer, who reads the Star? Loser!

  7. The conventions will not come because of the bio hazards and homeless prevalent in downtown KCMO. Look what is happening on the west coast.
    See Go4KC, @7:21, is out bright and early this morning.

  8. 7:43 I don't read the Star you loser, the story is right here you no good hateful fuck.

  9. ^^Good for you! Your still a loser though. Posting and complaining on a third rate blog at all hours renders you won. Nice try. Now go do something productive! Loser!

  10. Hey @8:23 your Momma asked me to tell you to take your meds!
    She'd tell you herself, but she's busy right now.

  11. Kansas City is not a tourist destination.

    There is no reason to go there.

    There is nothing there worth risking your life to see.

  12. 7:00, I'm pretty sure the claim was 25 (or 24) million VISITORS, not tourists. Still bogus though.

  13. How long before we hear that the hotels are empty because the convention center needs to be expanded? KCMO has played this con game my entire lifetime. How about the City getting out of the convention center business and leave it to private enterprise?

  14. It's a Regional Destination. And Sporting events bring people in from all over the world. I have I don't Beleave downtown can support that many hotels there will be a few that run into financial problems. I live in the Metro There are outher places I visit in Missouri and the U.S.THAT IS MUCH MORE FUN AND EXCITING. THAT WERE MY TAX DOLLARS GO.

  15. Retro, try to write a coherent sentence. Check spelling and more.

    To basement boy: The dampness down there probably accounts for your fascination with older folks (geezers). Like the above poster suggested, take your meds and have your momma fix you some grits. Your little funny marks preceding your inane comments are cute, however.

  16. Last year the Amsterdam tourism bureau reported 15 million tourist visited them. We put draw Amsterdam?!? Lol, Sly math, teach it to the pre-K imblicials.

  17. Yeah, it's great that all these hotels are going up. And it's also great that they MIGHT be a brief uptick in tourism. But at what cost? How many millions of dollars have we given away in incentives to make this happen? Does the real uptick in conventionism net a gain for the city given the cost?

    I remember this "build it and they will come" far too vividly.

    They said if we built an arena we would get a pro-team. 10 years later. No pro-team.

    They said if the city guaranteed the bonds on the P&L tax payers would never have to pay a dime because the District would have so many people in there spending money that it would pay for itself. Fast forward a decade and we're paying over $10M per year from the general fund to cover the cost of the bonds because they DRASTICALLY overshot their projections and the district ISN'T paying for itself...WE ARE.

    Now they are saying that if we help finance all these hotels (which we are - at last check over half the cost of Loews was coming from TIF and other tax based incentives) that we'll see this major surge in tourism and conventionism.

    We've seen this story before Kansas City. We know how this will end. 5 years from now the issue will be that we don't have enough convention space and we need to spend tax dollars to expand Bartle Hall AGAIN. When does it end? And why does my tax dollars have to be used to subsidize millionaire/billionaire private development?



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