Here's How Governor Jeff Colyer Saved The Republican Party In Kansas

In the aftermath of a contentious week of politicking, Kansas Republicans are breathing a low key sigh of relief . . . Here's why:

CapJ: Gov. Jeff Colyer nearly slipped the political shackles he carried into office by transforming himself into an antagonist capable of swiping the GOP nomination for governor from a seasoned rival with a national brand.

Surfacing from obscurity and affixed to his despised predecessor, Colyer’s campaign ventured to polish his prowess and carve enough approval from conservatives in the Republican party to afford the defection of moderates.

Seven months and one pivotal tweet later, he fell 361 votes shy of defeating Secretary of State Kris Kobach in the primary election.

Better than that . . .

Guv Colyer basically saved Republicans from themselves by refusing to fight for the office, rejecting demands to ask real questions about voter fraud and refusing to confront right wing bully tactics that were casting him in the same light as Prez Obama and that socialist chick from Queens until he gave up . . .

They say that nice guys finish last and that's absolutely correct . . . But in the case of Guv. Colyer, he backed down to save the GOP from the kind of self-examination that would've torn their party and platform apart, undermined their credibility with their own voters and led to a Democratic victory.


- SecState Kris Kobach lost JoCo

- Most Kansas Republicans voted against him

- He has the support of the right-wing Prez in a state the leans overwhelmingly toward Republicans.

With all that going for him . . . Kobach barely survived the primary.

However, showing a remarkable bit of class, restraint and loyalty to party over personal career. Guv Colyer relented and decided not to make a fuss. It's a typically Midwestern decision and a reason why smarter Republicans realize the amazing debt they owe the outgoing Governor.

You decide . . .


  1. cowardice is not nice. But I can see how he deemed it not worth his time.

  2. As if the Republicans needed saved from the weak dick Democrats in dead red Kansas. Who is the next freak candidate for the Democrats, a lesbian Muslim midget wrestler? What a fucking joke.

    1. ^^^^^ Russian bot. Delete it NOW TKC!

    2. ^^^idiot^^^ Delete her now, Tony.

    3. Oh, Angela. You are bringing back McCarthyism minus the brains. :)

  3. Angela, are you the new TKC hall monitor trainee?

    1. Like the rest of the new left, she just wants to outlaw speech she doesn't like. :)

  4. ^^^^ Just like the "Old" Right does!

    See the reference to McCarthyism above, then research "McCarthyism" and you'll shudder at the parallels coming out of the White House today.

    McCarthyism has become as deeply rooted in GOP "principles" and beliefs as "Voodoo Economics" has.

  5. ^^^^Nonsense.

  6. 6:08, as I recall, McCarthy accused lots of people in the government of being Russian stooges. (Many actually were, but they had mostly been rooted out by then.) Today, the party that is accusing lots of people in the government of being Russian stooges is...wait for it...THE DEMOCRATS!

    McCarthyism has become as deeply rooted in Democratic Party "principles" and beliefs as "tax and spend economics" has.

  7. orman has the most administrative experience and is the most dynamic.

    kelly really knows her stuff and has thoughtful plans.

    kobach is brilliant but maybe not a natural for governor.

    so, it's a three-way race.

    kelly is too strong to push out, isn't she?

  8. @8:53, "Tax (the Middle Class) and Spend (like money is going to disappear)" has been the GOP's methodology since Reagan.

    The once-Populist Republican Party sold its soul to the Wealthy in this Country in 1888, and it has never changed. Sure, it's fine to talk (or even rant) about "fiscal responsibility", but the results are always diametrically opposite.

    Since Hoover we've been stuck in an repetitive cycle of Economic Recovery (under Democrats) followed by Economic Downturns (under Republicans). The early days of Republican "Voodoo Economics" do evidence a bit of economic growth frenzy, which is engendered by the Corporate frenzy of "Mergers and Acquisitions" and "Corporate Reorganizations"(i.e. layoffs) that follow the removal of regulations, but that is just "Asset Stripping" an contributes nothing to growth.

    I have no argument at all about what Republicans say about Economic Policy, it's what they DO that harms this Country.

    Economics in a Capitalist, Consumerist Country like the USA is actually pretty simple... Rule One: Just keep everyone working!

  9. Kelly seems more Kansas-like than the other two.


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