Kansas voting is now suspect amid system crashes and questions about election integrity . . . Check fear before Tuesday's upcoming vote compiled by this equally struggling KCMO alt. mag:

Is the Johnson County Election Office ready for the midterms?

Roxie Hammill How bad was November 8, 2016, at the Johnson County Election Office? Very bad. Flop sweat, reporters-pounding-on-the-door-to-get-answers bad. Ronnie Metsker remembers it well. It was his first big election, less than a year after he became commissioner of the office.


  1. My wife and I voted early at the Johnson County Election Office last week and our experience was fine. All the volunteers were were helpfully & patient. The new machines were fine...different than my experience during a different election when I would touch the name of my choice but a different name would appear. That happened multiple times but only with this one candidate. I notified a poll worker who took the machine out of service. Hopefully this primary will be free of any issues.

  2. Article stated "more than 70 percent of those registered in the county voted in 2016" but it does not say how many were illegal.

  3. is anybody talking about how the democratic primary will be decided by a plurality with no primary runoff?

    this means that theoretically a candidate with 20 or 30 percent of democrats who are very committed and who vote could win the primary.

    but that candidate might not actually be favored by a majority of democrats.

  4. Sidie 2018!


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