Foreshadowing: Political Stat Geeks Celebrate Kansas City Quarterback Noob

Here's a look at hacks from the world of politics jumping along another Kansas City hype wage with a totally biased and emotive "statistical analysis" of the new QB that, CURIOUSLY, follows the exact same hype spewed from the front office.

Check the deets from the same d-bags who got the Prez Trump upset wrong:

The Chiefs' New Quarterback Is Walking Into An Ideal Situation

With seconds left in the first half of the Kansas City Chiefs' preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons last Friday, new starting QB Patrick Mahomes showed once again why KC felt comfortable dropping longtime starter Alex Smith in favor of the talented 22-year-old they took 10th overall in 2017.


  1. Since the Bears are not going to risk injury to their starters the Chiefs might get another win handed to them.

  2. Hillary won the popular vote, as they predicted.

    Putin won the election.

    Trump hates Mexicans, but apparently, so do you.

    1. A thousand Russian bots deliberately made Hillary look like a bitch!

      They also did the voice. And stole her issues. Muh Russia!!

  3. ^^^ You lost. Get over it already.

  4. We lost because Trump committed treason.

  5. The most yards run by a Chiefs player today were by Mahomes as he was running for his life behind the lines. We had 10 yards rushing in the first half against the Bears second string.


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