Just like all American wage slaves, on Fridays we like to get freaky on this blog and this EPIC TREATISE from one of our favorite denizens of the blog community offers REAL LIFE KANSAS CITY ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVE on history, current divisive culture war politics and maybe a need for the Space Force after all.

Enjoy . . .

Chuck: The Coming Civil War and "A Fire Upon The Deep".

On November 15th, 1969, I was right here, just to the right, on the steps of the Washington D.C. National Art Gallery, during the Vietnam Moratorium Protests. 500,000 people showed up.

It was a hell of a party. Two days in D.C., chasing chicks and puffing the magic dragon.

We were all brothers and sisters back then. Seriously. In spite of what you hear from talking heads on Fox, CNN, etc., Americans, though vehemently and violently disagreeing over the war, still had common cause and agreed, that we were all "in it together" even if we hated the war. I was there, I remember it.

That has changed forever. Barbara Tuchman can add a chapter to her "March Of Folly". "Defeat from within". Over the last decade, the rhetoric from the left and their press pack dogs, has elevated every argument to the status of Def Con 5. No matter what the argument is, it ends up, that YOU ARE A RACIST!

From at the least somewhat objective journalism of the 90's and early 2000's, our 4th estate is now, the constant author (Singular, for it is all the same.) of a tsunami of noxious, ideological swill. No one, that I am aware of, disputes, or, is even embarrassed that the coverage of the current administration is 92% negative. The pretense of objectivity, held in abeyance by way of, I guess, "A Higher Loyalty".

This week, even President Trump used the dreaded "I" word, "Impeachment". It's a real possibility. The executives at the National Enquirer requested and received Immunity, if they hand over all of their correspondence from the President and the President's former Attorney (That pesky 6th Amendment be damned.). What Mueller and his proxies find, is immaterial. The hunt goes on. If Roland Freisler and Torqumada had a baby, it would be the monomaniacal, Robert Mueller. Day after day, night after night, under a stalking moon, this guy is a T-1000 Terminator. With unlimited legal powers, the full support of the 4th Estate, The Deep State, Hollywood, Silicon Valley and a legion of Crypto-Fascist Antifa thugs in black masks, he comes like something wicked. The die is cast, Trump is doomed.

We are no longer brothers and sisters and if fact, hate each other, with good cause. That's what is scary. Good cause.

In every civilization and every society, the end of the Rule Of Law, means war.

Just last year, the National Enquirer ran an article, that stated the Moon, is actually an Alien Space Station. Really.

Vernor Vinge in his 1993 classic, "A Fire Upon The Deep", lamented our earthly efforts to contact alien civilizations. He thinks it is dangerous. Do you think, in retrospect, that the Sioux, the Mayans and Barbara Truchman's Aztecs wouldn't have "Built That Wall"?

Maybe the aliens who will actually bring us back together again, are even now, gathering their forces on the moon. involuntarily moving us towards, once again, if, for a short time, the brotherhood of man. Invading soon, could be the only thing that could save President Trump.


  1. Really great stuff. Well done Chuck. I may not always agree but you've got me thinking and that's more than what can be said for most news nowadays.

    1. Holy Hell, if CHUCK of all people is starting to talk about impeachment than that means it's on the table and about to get served up. Reminds me of my uncle finally breaking down and buying a toytota. At that point you knew it was over for american auto makers and they had to give in to globalization like everybody else, which is why your Ford is basically just a Hyundai and KIAs are more American than Cadillacs.

    2. Probably before the midterms. Just to let everyone know the votes are rigged.

  2. Is Trump the last mafia boss?

  3. Sure chuck whatever. You picked the wrong side and you're to stubborn to admit you backed a crook. It's not the fault of the left, it's not Mueller's fault either. There's only one person to blame, and that's Trump. If you surround yourself with "all the best people" and those people happen to be crooks? Well that's your fault.

  4. Lock him up! Lock him up! Drain the swap, impeach Trump! Trump for prison 2020!

  5. I stopped reading any thing Chuck writes a couple of years ago.

    It's just the same old "America hates you white boy" crap.

    Chuck hates blacks & liberals. We hate him right back.

  6. Orphan of the Road8/24/18, 9:23 AM

    Chuck, it will all follow the script of The Threepenny Opera. In the end The Queen (played by VP Pence) will make it all right. And they all sing don't punish the guilty too harshly. Ala Nixon.

    Hard to decide who can't see the forest for the trees worst, the Trumpettes or the Clintonistas. A lot of the Evil of Trump was a carry-over of Obama administration policies. Such as forcibly drugging children without parents knowledge nor consent when in government custody. Alien or US citizen were drugged.

    Impeachment gave us the end of Lincoln's Republicanism and begat us with Bush II. Who was so bad we got Obama. So after Trump we must be getting Jesus, right?

    History may not repeat but quite often it rhymes, eh?

    I can't stand to read the papers
    Seems like all the news is bad
    And an empty anger keeps me
    From feeling really sad

    These are strange times we live in
    Hard games we play
    Wager very carefully
    And play'em as they lay

    But don't play no cards ain't in your hand
    So long Harry Truman
    Goddamn it's hard to find an honest man

    No longer sure of waking
    No longer sure of sleep
    A prisoner bound by promises
    We knew he could not keep

    And someone said, let's hang him
    For he is a fool
    Ah, but tell me just how was it
    That he came to rule

    Never trust an enemy
    Never cheat a friend
    Just doin' what you think is right
    Usually works out in the end

    And the president thought of Truman
    When he knew the end was near
    You can pass it on for quite a while
    But it's true, the buck stops here

    Danny O'Keefe

    Sure Trump would think of Ford if the Clintonistas' wet dream evolves.

  7. ^^Amen. True dat.

  8. ^^^9:23AM is meant for 9:10. I hate chuck too.

  9. Tony, you are not a wage slave. You are a bum.

  10. Da cibil wars a comin' pew pew pew. Call da space force! God what awful dreck that was. It sounded more like the awful shit stupid dave posts. I guess that's what happens when you spend a lot of time with your gay lover, you start sounding like him. Right chuck?

  11. What's funny is that the people who hate on Chuck write sad little comments that aren't nearly as clever as what they're commenting about. Keep up the great work Chuck, you knocked this one out of the park. Don't let the former "journalists" get you down.

  12. ^^@ 9:53AM -You sound retarded. If you think this is great work, you must have no taste and likely sniff glue. What's really funny is that people who defend chuck are the same moron's who write about "the coloreds" or call for the extermination of certain races or genders everyday on here. So ultimately I guess your opinion is as worthless as theirs. Do better chump.

  13. ^^^^^^^^^ Keyboard warrior @10:11. What a disgusting piece of filth. Glad to see Chuck has outclassed you and your comments reveal you as a Hillary loving shill. You lost. Get over it.

  14. LOL Trump still playing the media like a fiddle. Deep state in mass panic mode.

  15. "[T]he people who hate on Chuck" is only one person, Copro Boy, posting multiple times under all his deviant personalities.

  16. They are throwing everything they can at Trump and nothing sticks. The closer we get to the election the crazier it will be. They have went way past stupid. The more animated they get the more we know Trump has their number.

  17. Trump isn't getting impeached. He's wildly popular and the only people against him are the same one's who have always been against him they're just whooping and being loud...the liberal shills, the neocons, etc. His support is overwhelming and he's doing well.

    Liberals have a real problem for the midterms because they can't run on any issue since their policies are dumb and never work and they're losing every argument

    Economy - Losing. Paychecks are up and things are going strong

    Illegal Immigration - Losing. Everyone is aware of Mollie Tibbets and other stories like her where the US has imported 3rd world crime into even small towns in Iowa

    Unemployment - Employers have more openings than they can fill

    Peace - After the race riots of 2014-2015 we're back at a relative peace in the US and around the world since we have not escalated any conflicts around the globe.

    Life is good and liberals have nothing to run on so the only thing they can do is screech "IMPEACH ORANGE DORITO DRUMPFFFF!!!" They literally cannot run on any issue that affect Americans

  18. Thanks for the kind and unkind words. Free Speech is the last and most important right, that we have in a world where the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights is now a moving target for Progressive/Fascists who would define, delete and dictate at their whim and caprice, what is right and wrong for any of us to hear, or, see.

    I don't think ANY President, from Washington on, could withstand this withering, relentless search into every person, situation, relationship, conversation and business deal, by a Prosecutor who is tasked, without any pretense with bringing him to his knees.

    Trump stands alone, ever day, by himself, in a town, filled with Federal Employees, Federal Deep State Bureaucrats, Politicians (Republican and Democrat) and the aggregate power of the Main Stream Media aligned against him. The incessant search for wrong doing will, at some point, I believe, come up with a hook, that the Media can latch onto.

    It will look like National Geographic after that. Wild dogs tearing into his gut and eating him while he lives and breathes. The joyful sounds of talking heads and howls at the moon from victorious jack booted thugs in and out of the richest county in the United States of America, happy, that their days at the trough, will continue, at our expense.

    It will be Shakespearean.

    Those disenfranchised middle class proles, bleed if you prick them.

    Hear the thunder?

  19. ^^never forget more people hate him than like him. He lost the popular vote. He's getting impeached. Get over it. He lost, you lost.

    1. If trump gets impeached, we all lose. Impeaching a sitting president puts a scar on the face of this nation. You will not receive a prize because your team won and chucks team lost. Identity politics are destroying this country.

  20. ^^^^^^^

    Yep, you got it. But if there is an attempt at impeaching Trump I don't think it will be good. That's how stupid liberals are they would rather see a civil war.
    What are they fighting for????? Socialism and they don't even know what that is. Now that's funny!

  21. I hear no thunder. Only the sounds of loons like chuck who see leftist bogymen behind every conviction and immunity grant. The whining of the right as they nash their teeth and rend their garments over a demented buffoon who has been revealed as the be the criminal he has always been. You twits backed a con man, thief, liar and traitor. Keep fiddling as Rome burns. We are past you and him now. There is nothing you can do to save him and the complicit GOP. Both will justifiably burn in the coming months. This was always going to happen.

  22. Americans are too fat, stupid and lazy to have a civil war. Get off that. Never gonna happen. Those that think it will, are the dumb fucks who usually blow themselves up trying to make a bomb, or get shot dead on the highway when they pull on the cops. Grow up.

  23. The media had the Dem's so brainwashed and manipulated they actually believed Hillary would win by a landslide. All Anderson Cooper had to do was bend over, say put your head up my ass, now repeat, Hillary is winning by a landslide... keep going


  24. More deranged commentary from TKC's favorite white nationalist. Hey Cuck, you are in fact a racist. You should be proud of that fact, like racists of old. FFS, the Nazis actually called themselves anti-semites. Now we get old trolls like Cuck, who's not a racist, he just hates anyone with a different complexion.

  25. Richard Coudenove-Kalergi8/24/18, 11:41 AM

    The Antifa are Communists. Fascism is the antithesis of Communism. Chuck needs to turn off Fox News and get on the internet. Chucks' America in 1969 was still 90% White, which is what made "we were all in this together" possible. Civic Nationalism is simply Multiculturalism (ideological syphilis) wrapped in an American Flag."But...but..THEY'RE THE RACISTS, but...but...THEY'RE THE FASCISTS...is TV-induced weak-mindedness. The coming Civil War will be a Race War. Choose your sides and get small in your foxholes.

  26. There will be no civil war, just a few mass shootings, but we're used to that.

    Chucks's wrong about 1969. We were most definitely not in it together. We were more divided then, than we are now. The war on drugs was a war on war protesters. The jingoists are still as rabid as ever. The left was just as vilified then as now.

    Can someone explain to me why a Mexican blogger embraces white nationalism?

  27. 11:41, I love to disappoint you. There will be no race war. Choose sides? I thought you said it was going to be a race war. Trump will be impeached. You will scream bloody murder, then realize that Mike Pence is President & will gleefully take up is war on women.

    Someday we will have a Latino President.

    It won't be a fake Latino like Tony, but a real one.

  28. Richard Coudenove-Kalergi8/24/18, 12:15 PM

    @12:06 Educate us. Tell us about the "War On Women". While your're at it, tell us who the "real Latinos" are.

  29. Look at it this way. Has a non ass hole ever gave you a good job ? That is why Obama was a failure he was not an ass hole.


      WTF?!....Barry was giving "jobs" alright, way back to his early teen mentoring from daddy Frank. BHO's a down-low homo, just ask Jeremiah and Michael.

  30. 12:15, if I pull your head out of your ass, it will hurt.

    Defund Planned Parenthood, overturn Roe v Wade, end LGBTQ protections - begin out right war on these people.

    A real Latino doesn't long to marry a white woman. A real Latino wouldn't hate on every other Latino in sight. A real Latino wouldn't hate on immigrants.

    It's all there, dummy, but you can't see with your head up your ass.

  31. A real Latino wouldn't give a white nationalist preferred status, & call him a favorite denizen of the blog.

    A real Latino would delete the comments of a white nationalist instead of the people who criticize the white nationalist.

    A real Latino would have a job. Any job.

    A real Latino would strive to marry a Latino & raise a family.

    A real Latino would live in his mother's basement like some spoiled white man/child.

    A real Latino would not support a racist president.

    Get the drift dummy. I'm tired of writing.

  32. Emiliano Zapata8/24/18, 1:43 PM

    @1:19 I'll bet there's a lot of "real Latinos" in Mexico. Is Mollie Tibbits' murderer a "real Latino" ? Are the MS-13 "real Latinos" ? Perhaps you can tell us how many "real Latinos" murdered their unborn children last year. How many of those murdered children might have grown up to be angry, obese, self-righteous, rug-munching bull-dykes, but will never get the chance ? You have so much knowledge and our education is yet incomplete !

  33. Communism is NOT the antithesis of Fascism. They have more commonalities than differences. They are both totalitarian ideologies that keep the people in line through violence and threat of violence. Communism killed far more people during the 20th century than fascism, even if you somehow count Nazism as a fascist rather than nationalist-socialist system.

  34. Chuck does write a good piece, but his history sort of skips over the eight years of the Obama Administration, when there was a rabid fury from the Right that equaled anything we are seeing today.

    Hell, as they used to say when I grew up in the Country, the Right "called Obama everything but a White Man"!

    And don't forget that Clinton Impeachment started out as an investigation into the Real Estate Fraud known as "Whitewater", and when Ken Starr, the equivalent of Mueller, discovered that the Clintons were victims of the fraud (more later) rather than principals, he was ordered to expand the probe, floundering around and looking into the firing of staff, and finally finding a woman, Paul Jones, who was willing to charge Bill Clinton with sexual harassment. That lead to the impeachment charges.

    As an aside, regarding the Whitewater matter, that investigation started here in Kansas City. I worked for the Resolution Trust Corporation, charged with cleaning up the Savings and loan mess left after Ronnie Reagan's California Mafia pulled off their six year long raid on the savings of the elderly in this Country, and I have rad the "Whitewater File.

    It "mysteriously disappeared" from the Kansas City RTC Office, re-surfaced briefly in Bob Dole's Topeka office, then vanished once more, finally popping up in Senator Lynch's (how appropriate) office in Des Moines. The problem is, when it disappeared in Kansas City it was only 100-125 pages long, but when Senator Lynch turned it over to Ken Starr it contained over 600 pages!

    Ethics questions abounded in those days too, and it's starting to look a lot like we're seeing an example of "the biter bit", doesn't it?

  35. Baron Von Nothingburger8/24/18, 2:31 PM

    National Socialism is authoritarian and prioritizes family, nature, and the Nation ("Nation" means race). Communism is a Jewish, totalitarian construct while America was created by Europeans. National Socialism nourishes while Communism destroys and enslaves. Communist Ideology cannot exist within a Fascist state, but perhaps "antitheses" was an incorrect word to use regarding Fascism vs Communism.

  36. 2:12 Scale counts. Numbers mean something. Facts are relevant.

    "Chuck does write a good piece, but his history sort of skips over the eight years of the Obama Administration, when there was a rabid fury from the Right that equaled anything we are seeing today."

    With respect, no, no it doesn't and it isn't within a light year of being comparable.

  37. ^^^ !! NEITHER !!

  38. Oh, @2:46 ?
    And I suppose all that "Birther" horsepucky didn't happen either?

  39. 2:31, what overly simplistic nonsense.

    BTW what does "created by Europeans" mean.

    The land was stolen.

  40. Rudy Giuliani is misquoted in the "Fake News" today as saying that there "would be a Revolution if Trump is impeached"!

    What he really said was the Trump's supporters are revolting!

    So let's see, so far the Prez has threatened a Stock Market Crash if he were to be impeached, and his current (so far not arrested) Lawyer threatens Civil Disorder.

    Ego trips, anyone?

  41. 3:55 That Hawaii birth certificate was just as phony as the number you give people when they ask you about your IQ.

  42. 3:59 The economy would suffer for sure. How much? Anyone's guess, but it would be bad.

  43. I thought you were peeling potatoes in Saigon in 1969, chuck.

    Thought you served proudly in the only war we ever LOST.

    probably a goddamn commie

  44. @ 4:01 - who knows?
    The Market historically only crashes under Republican Administrations, but we haven't had a Trumpublican one before, where Congress surrendered all responsibilities to the Executive Branch.

    The Market tends to panic, but is inherently stabilized by greed,
    but any drop is corrected by someone snapping up bargains, so any fluctuation would be temporary (look at the Dow Index's recovery by December, 1929).

    Certainly not going to be the alarmist widespread threat spewing forth from 1600 Pennsylvania!

    Who knows, maybe a Market drop would cause Congress to grow a pair!

  45. "Thought you served proudly in the only war we ever LOST." The War of 1812 still counts as a loss even though you've never heard of it.

  46. Chuck have a great weekend. Let the chips fall where they may A Democrat Congress will have The Donald for lunch Talking about Swimming with the SHARKS..And if there is an impeachment. The economy will go down the tubes,THE STOCK market crashes. Real a state prices will tank. Like Steven Tyler says BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. AND JUST BE PREPARED FOR A DOWNTURN I BELIEVE MOST OF TONYSKANSASCITY READERS ALREADY ARE PREPARED.

  47. Felicia Marie-Nicole Smith8/24/18, 4:36 PM

    @3:58 "Stolen" or traded for some firewater ?

  48. Short memories! Only two years ago, Paul Krugman and other clueless leftist pundits predicted that the stock market would tank so bad if Trump won that it would take decades to recover. They were all not just wrong, but spectacularly wrong, but true to form, they didn't let a minor detail like that bother them. They're back making more predictions just as if their history of being wrong never happened. And the same people who nodded their heads in agreement then are nodding their heads in agreement now.

  49. Just be glad Sly James isn't President. We'd surely be screwed then.

  50. If Donalds.supporters,Stop spending there money after his Impeachment there goes the economy, It is called consumer confidence. And it will be worse then 2006,. TRUMPS,SUPPORTERS WILL BE FURIOUS. AND HIS supporters are the ones keeping the economy going. I do Business with them every day ..There are some liberals,keeping the economy going as well.

  51. I am glad "The Wall" did not get built before my immigrant family members arrived from Ireland in 1868.

  52. Good Lord these posts are pathetic........ welcome to the mirror effect. Team Trump/Sessions are running the biggest sting this world has ever seen!!!! These fools are gassed out at the “gotchas” for Trump. It’s over for these charlatans masquerading as the elite and they know it, thus all the “outrage” at everything.
    20 page unredacted FISA release very soon.
    Clinton Foundation/Haiti release soon.
    Indictments served soon.
    All before midterms.
    Mass arrests to follow midterms.
    Military Tribunals start in January.
    Near 6000 human trafficking arrests THIS year so far.
    Thousands of CEO/Govt resignations since Trump elected.
    Trump and Sessions are the only two people in DC whose shit DOESN’T stink.
    Gitmo undergoing $500M renovation.
    For 41 current prisoners?
    Connect the dots and review Trumps EO’s.
    The writing is on the wall.
    All you have to do is open your eyes.

    Welcome to the Great Awakening

  53. Well Done Chuck! This is how empires end.

  54. Wow chuck nice view of the issue and you got 58 comments with not a one of them have you and I doing lewd sex acts of some sort.

  55. Trump's supporters must be sick of winning.

    They brag about their big raises, huge tax cuts, new manufacturing jobs, cheap energy, cheap health care, and on and on.

    Yet, despite American being great again, they are so angry.

    Why is that? If things are so great, why do they continue to be so pissed at everything?

    Maybe things aren't as great as advertised. Maybe all that bragging is just hot air. Reality sucks. The wages aren't up, only the costs of gas, health care and taxes on imports are up. The new jobs are still crappy ones, not good ones. The tax cuts went to corporations, not workers. Nobody is getting big raises, and those lucky enough to get small increases are already spent on new taxes and inflation. Tariffs are screwing exporters and their income is way down, especially farmers.

    Worst for supporters, the swamp continues to grow. Trump's cabinet and family members steal more from taxpayers than the lobbyists did. Maybe that's really why they are so angry.

    1. It must really suck to have POTUS living in your head !!!! The self hate combined with standard retardation mixed with Msnbc brainwashing must be a doozy on your mental state!!! There are cures!!! Its called REALITY!!!!

  56. ^^^ Not just angry. Incoherent too.

    1. ^^^^ Not just delusional, Antifa too.

  57. StupidDave, those comments were deleted because this is a free speech zone.

    Damn, you are fucking stupid.

  58. No one using identity politics more than Donald Trump.

    He doesn't even try to hide his white nationalist mind set.

  59. Are you effing serious?!?!?!?! The lengths that you will go to to paint POTUS as racist?!?!?!?!

    Cite examples of Trump as racist!!

    I will wait al night for your response ....

    Your rhetoric is as old as the hills because you can not come up with one honest example of Trump being racist!!!

    Quit spreading lies!!!

    Trump has done more for minorities than any previous president.... if you can cite examples to the contrary.... please post... otherwise ESAD because you have NOTHING!!!
    You are living in a manufactered world of hate because you are unable to think for yourself!!!
    MAGA has proven itself to be the actual key to equality.
    Quit using dem repub refs to what is actually happening in our great republic
    We only have one chance to get this right
    The choice to know is yours
    Welcome to the Great Awakening

  60. I can cite an example from Thursday morning.

    He tweeted about having the State Dept investigate a "white genocide" myth and land seizures in South Africa to stir up support and retweets from David Duke and Richard Spencer.

    Just remember there were good people on both sides in Charlottesville. Good people with tiki torches chanting "blood and soil" and "Jews will not replace us".

    This goes back the 1970s when Trump and his old man were sued for discrimination when renting their properties.

    The guy is racist as hell. That is obvious.

    You'd have an easier time arguing his racism is correct. Just stick to what you really think - white culture is superior. Brown people from shithole countries shouldn't be here (there's another example).

  61. Oh, great. Q-Anon and their tin foil hat conspiracies are here now (7:21 & 10:21).

    There will be a single great awakening when you go back on your meds.

    Can we bring back the Russian bots?

    1. Q-anon?? Your ignorance is telling.
      Try researching before you blather on.
      I am sure Wapo informed you correctly.
      Try hard and think for yourself
      You might be impressed

  62. Nice!!! You have reiterated every talking point from the CIAMSM!! Congrats!!, but hete are the rebuttalls.......White Genocide is a myth unless you are actually a white person in SA... David Duke??... but the Richard Spencer shout out is delicious.... you know he is a leftist plant involved in the whole Charlottesville debacle right... but you would take the word of a seditionous media over the president because the president doesn’t know shit right??? The mere fact that you mention “tiki torches” proves that you are incapable of anything other than thinking for yourself... 1970’s are you effing serious... thats a stretch for even a limited mind such as yourself... moving on...

    The racist as hell coment stands head and shoulders above itself due to the enormous ignorance that it took to form that sentence!!!
    I am sorry that you think the way you do in that last paragraph... but that is not the mindset of Trump supporters... the only way this country works is all citizens work together, which is happening... there is no room for noncitizens and you are mistaking one for the other.
    There is a path to citizenship that Trump supports, but it is people like you that keep flinging shit up against the wall with no recourse or solution because you are driven by one simple artificial motivation. You hate Trump , and you would not even be able to tell me why you hate Trump because NOBODY can tell me why THEY hate Trump.

    Welcome to the Great Awakening

  63. Donald Trump has a love child with cleaning women. More catch & kill revelations.


    I hate Trump because he's a traitor, a whore pretending to be a righteous man, a racist white nationalist, a thief, a liar, a misogynist, a plain & simple crook, a mobster thug, he presumes to tell me how to be a patriot, a German grandson of an immigrant who lies & says he's from Sweden, a draft dodger telling black men that they aren't protesting police violence but the flag, an uneducated buffoon who gets every piece of history he tries to import wrong, disgusting pig of a man who spreads unfounded conspiracy theories, an economic imbecile who doesn't understand trade.

    You are a fucking moron. Everyone has been telling you for months now why they hate him. It is you who refuse to listen.

    Fuck you, I'm tired of writing.

    1. 99% of America disagrees with your thought process!!!
      Try harder next time
      You sound like you need a therapist

      America is sound
      America is sound in its fundamentals
      Did you feel that way before your president got elected?
      I am thinking not
      You are a victim of programming
      It is up to you to see the light and free yourself from the shackles of propaganda

      You do yourself no favor by being a slave to your own mind

  64. Spencer is a plant and SA white genocide is real?

    The only thing you left out was the fake dead kids at Sandy Hook and crisis actors at Parkland HS. Maybe you favor Alex Jones.

    I will believe my own eyes and ears over a gaslighting president that is a pathological liar. BTW, pathological liar aren't my words. That is TX Senator Ted Cruz's description.

    Trump & Sessions playing 3D chess to organize mass arrests and send enemies to Gitmo is the Q-Anon preamble. Either way, nice try spinning conspiracies as reality.

    There is a pizza parlor in DC waiting for your intervention.

    In the real world, we'll continue compiling the indictments and charges to be filed against Trump and act accordingly using the rule of law. Even Trump admits impeachment is coming and he is going to attempt to tank the markets to prevent it. Trump supporters realizing Trump is a conman (Rubio and Romney's words) will be the great awakening.

  65. Trump's impeachment will end with a whimper, not a bang.

    Trump will flame out in a late night tweeter tantrum that ends with a self induced OD on adderall. Actually a better fate than waiting for his syphilis induced dementia to fully incapacitate him.

    Evangelicals will be thrilled to get Pence in there. Once they realize he's next in line to take the oath, the reaction will be Donald who? That porn addicted serial adulterer? Forget him.

    Civil war? Nope.

    1. I gotta give it up, you sound like every other retard on TheHill.com completely seperated from reality. Exactly what part of your retarded narrative states that our president gets impeached, much less removed from office???
      Whatever alternate reality you live in, please explain to me poster your reasons for that

      I am really trying to wake your shit up before the hammer drops
      If you don’t start realizing the path ahead of you is riddled with madness that not even I am comfortable with repeating.... I am just saying what information comes out in the future.... I can only hope that you are able to prepare yourself for the worst possible thing you can imagine.....
      There is a reason Qteam said these people will not be able walk down the street
      Normal human people will rip them apart for their crimes
      Prepare yourselves America
      I have to bow out now as the Great Awakening will become an individual challenge from here on out....

      Patriots are in control
      God Bless America

  66. Chuck,
    Do not lose heart. Every time the far left has gone after Trump, it eventually blew up in their faces. If some evidence of real treason were uncovered, I might think there was a chance they could remove Trump from office, but so far, even if the worst allegations made by plea deal witnesses were true, I doubt enough votes could be garnered. Even so, if Trump is successfully removed from office, there will be a firestorm like nothing since the Civil War. I really believe that.

    But look at would need to happen first. The Democrats would have to retake the House. They would have to craft and pass the articles of impeachment. 2/3 of the Senate would have to agree. I just think it is an outlier. Less than a 5% chance.

    This, like all things, is in God's hands. We get the leaders we deserve. The fate of this country rests upon that, and always has. I don't see a return of the majority to Christian values. Most of this country has fallen away, and the US will be judged for it. The ironic thing is the immoral ones will blame the righteous for their plight. The Dark Age is upon us, and the evil one waits in the wings. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

  67. Chuck, right wing assassins killed John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy & Dr. King, so how exactly were we in this together during the sixties?

    "This, like all things, is in God's hands."

    You are fucking idiot. Jesus isn't coming back. Jesus Christ, people still believe this shit?!

  68. Lee Harvey was a Communist you dithering moron. Sirhan Sirhan was a Terrorist and James Earl Ray was a good shot who hated blacks.

    Who is the idiot?

  69. I see that Copro Boy forgot to take his meds again. That usually results in 70+ posts, two thirds of which are his.


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