Family Insurance Stiffed Overland Park

The Golden Ghetto artsy debate continues . . . Here's the latest insult after injury:

Kansas family's insurance didn't pay for that $132K broken sculpture

An Overland Park, Kansas, official admits he was mistaken about who paid for a $132,000 sculpture at the city's community center that was damaged by a young boy. City spokesman Sean Reilly said in July that the insurance company for the family of a 5-year-old boy who damaged the sculpture paid for the damages.


  1. As they should. All liability belongs on OVPK.

  2. shit happens!

    taxpayers always on da hook!

    That's what they buy insurance for.

  3. Looks like Overland Park City Officials have been taking "credibility Lessons" from KCMO's rulers.

  4. If ANYONE paid $107,000 for that piece of crap, a major crime was committed.

    In related news: I doodled on my napkin during lunch and placed a value of 1 million dollars on the masterpiece. Now if I can just get a waitress to spill coffee on it.

  5. As I recall, the mother of the kid was a fucking bitch. She should have to pay for it for letting her kid run loose. Her husband was a cunt. I think she is a realtor.

  6. The parents were the worst kind; take no responsibility. Blame everyone but themselves. The kid committed damage, albeit unintentionally, while the parents were absorbed in themselves and the event they were attending. If you’re not going to watch your offspring, hire a sitter.

  7. So, little white kid did an intentionally vicious "knockout game" on a sculpture--yeah, the worst thing EVER! Plus, babymama was like, y'all were negligent to have the "art" unsecured, and hey, WTF why is nobody asking if my child is injured?! Why nobody axed if I would like FREE admission to OP pools, events, mall gift cards, and shit?!

    I still agree with comments posted when this story first ran on TKC. If it was a non-whitey kid that wrapped his huggy arms around it and the thing toppled, OP would have been blame gaming their own installation staff (adhesive and a couple of signs posted doesn't cost much). They'd have been immediately ass kissing the black/brown/blend boy and his family, hoping no physical or other injuries would be claimed.

    Suppose Gramama had bumped that "hazard waiting to happen" with her walker and the thing banged off her grandchild's face, then onto her foot? A broken nose and a broken foot, or worse, could have been avoided. Old Gramama upset at the sight of a bloody grandchild and in pain of busted foot might have needed an ambulance for chest pain!!!

    OP may have dodged a big claim on this one

  8. ^^^^^^Man you're fucky stupid.

  9. I don't care if the parents were pricks. That sculpture ain't work 100k. Give the dude $1,000 bucks for parts and labor and tell him to fuck off.

  10. The parents had a definite white trash vibe and too many kids to begin with. Since they paid NOTHING toward the damage, they should be prohibited from any and all taxpayer-funded facilities in OP and hang out in the landfill where they belong.

  11. The city's insurance company likely will try (probably are now trying) to recover their loss from the allegedly negligent parents, who are also insured.


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