Fact Checking The ICE Shut Down Attack Against Kansas Contender Sharice Davids

An important dive into this culture war talking point from one of the highest rated local stations should serve to define the issue for local viewing audiences. Take a look:

Ad check: Kansas congressional candidate under fire for statements about ICE

Sheriffs in Johnson, Wyandotte, and Miami counties are criticizing Democratic Congressional Candidate Sharice Davids for statements she's made advocating the abolishment of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency - ICE. Davids' remarks came in a July podcast called "Millennial Politics." In the podcast she's asked if she supports abolishing ICE.


  1. After she loses in November, Davids will head out of Kansas to somewhere where people are more supportive of her socialist views, or at least more supportive of the Democratic Party.
    Just like Jason Pander.
    People find living in a small metro area in the middle of the country attractive because of what it is and offers, and they're really not interested in making believe that the goal of local governments, elected officials, candidates, or newspapers should be changing their priorities and values and making their communities more like New York City or Seattle.
    Good luck in Berkley, Sharice!

  2. She definitely is not a Kansan.

  3. She probably had a glaze on her face when was interviewed.

  4. Maybe, just maybe, ICE should be focusing on the bad guys who are already wanted? Do they avoid these tasks because that actually requires actual investigation and thought where as you can roll up on any shitty job in shitty town midwest and pad some stats and deport people who just want a job that nobody in the US wants anyway?

    ICE is fucking failure. Their whole schtick is deporting brown people, not protecting the country. They continually let violent criminals live and operate in the US illegally. But hey, they cleared out the local meat packing plant so I guess that's a +1.


  5. -100 8:10am
    You need to get educated before you spew sh*t out your pie hole.
    Quit trying to defend something that can't be defended.
    You need to go back where you came from.

  6. Is a Lesbian, Communist, Indian woman going to care about the problems of middle aged white men?

    I think not.

  7. "This is all a big misunderstanding! When I said I was in favor of abolishing ICE, my reference was to frozen water. You see, I prefer to drink from the lukewarm cesspool of Liberal Democratic Party politics."

    ------Squaw Who Pummels Beaver In Ring

  8. "Vote for me! Vote for me! My mom was a drill sergeant! Vote for me! Screw OFWGs, Trump, and Conservatives! Vote for me! Yay Lesbians and brown people!
    Vote for me!"

  9. Yoder had better come up with more than a doctored audio clip.

    Weak stuff.

  10. When asked about illegals, Yoder said:

    Uh, yes, no, maybe, ummm, broken, fix it, dysfunctional, $5 billion to build part of the wall, don't separate families, secure the border, comprehensive reform, more visas, here's my bill amendments to weaken enforcement, amnesty for Syed, renew resident status for Sunayana... wait, what do my donors want me to say?

    No wonder he needs shift focus and lie about Davids position.

  11. 12:28, you clumsy liar! She said it. She Owns it!

  12. and in other news water is wet

  13. Sharice eats a lot of pussy


  14. Sharice is mentally unstable! If she wants ICE abolished then she needs to start paying for all of the illegals that cross our boarder and freeload off of us.

    I really despise this idiot retard indian freak.

    Gay?????? EEEWWWWWW

  15. YODER IS A DRUNK who refuses brethalizer tests and pulls his pants down in foreign countries where foreign governments are trying to suck his dick for his future loyalty. The Shields commercial with "I would, I would" doesn't even sound natural. Yoder likes illegal immigration because it is cheap labor for his friends.

  16. 9:36 - Is she really a lesbian? I had my beer goggles on and thought she was kinda hot!

  17. You do know ICE doesn't guard the borders, don't you?.

    Based on your comment; of course you don't.

    ICE was created after 9/11 to combat foreigners here illegally suspected of terrorist intent.

    P.S. - It's the US Border Patrol that does that. A whole separate force. Not ICE. If you're going to be make a nutty claim about open borders, make sure it's at least plausible or a tiny bit accurate.


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