Fact Check: Next Step For 'Healthy Homes" Initiative Is To Raise Kansas City Rents

Elections have consequences and whilst it's hard to nail down the concepts of "social justice" into specific policy . . . Local renters will notice that they're at least 20 bucks poorer thanks to this bit of legislation that still might not lift the po'folk out of their misery.

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What's next for KCMO's new rental inspection initiative

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Health inspectors have a new way to go after bad landlords, thanks to a ballot initiative passed by voters Tuesday night. The Healthy Homes ordinance allows the Kansas City Health Department to conduct random inspections and respond to complaints of dangerous or unhealthy conditions in rental units in the city.


  1. Twenty bucks?!?! Get out of town! That's atrocious-- highway robbery. 20 god damn dollar bills???

  2. ^^^^^^^^^

  3. The next step attenp is to put the money in the general slush fund, not pay any attention at all to how the program is implemented or determine any parameters for accountability, and to move on to the next BIG thing.
    How's Mike's new taxpayer-funded hotel coming?
    How about the $500,000 arts fair in Swope Park?
    Is ALL of the $800,000 bond money gone yet?
    In other words, business as usual in KCMO.

  4. 20 freaking dollars?!?! Wheres antifa and BLM???? This will bring down Kansas City in a flash.

    Twenty bucks. Holy crap.

  5. Is your mom raising your basement rent tony?

  6. They don’t have a plan for this program yet, this is how sLIE and troy operate, get the money first, then give it to the developers

  7. The rate they are building large new apartment complexes around the city I predict a much needed rent war when saturation is reached.

  8. Do all the new "luxury apartments" downtown fall under this program, or will there be special deals cut for the usual suspects?
    Maybe not obviously excluded from inspections, but having the "emphasis" put somewhere else, if you get my drift.
    There's just no end to new taxes, fees, debt, and costs in Sly's KCMO.
    Have to find some way to keep that taxpayer-funded amusement park downtown afloat.

  9. Another layer of bureaucracy always makes things run more smoothly.

  10. It's not really the amount of money that is at issue, it's just that it is a glorified tax on landlords and I doubt it has any effect on the real problem. The city can inspect rental properties now. I predict the inspections and inspectors will operate much the same as city water works employees - lots of sleeping in trucks and getting nothing done. I sincerely hope the program works, but as someone else mentioned, I suspect this is more slush fund money and no progress.

  11. Everyone knows the rich are the most oppressed and marginalized population. If you give the poor a break they'll rise up and cease their assets and form worker owned collectives.

  12. Landlords are screaming about having to raise rents to cover the cost of inspections. So what was their excuse when they raised rents and didn't bother to address any of the problems their tenants endured? If you are a GOOD landlord, you should have no worries. They are only going after the bad guys - wink wink.


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