Crossroads Startups Decide KCMO Future???

Local tech talk addressed to the mayoral candidate with the tiniest campaign bank account attempts to emphasize the role of the Internets companies in the local economy. Here's the damage as election season has everybody shouting their résumé from the rooftop:

City: 'What do we want to be when we grow up?' Startups invited to answer

The startup community is a strong group the City of Kansas City, Missouri, should embrace - especially as it crafts local legislation and regulations that will shape the metro for generations, said Sarah Shipley, as KCMO officials organize a series of community work sessions.


  1. Temporary business’s only costs us money, very little comes of these. sLIE’s just wasting our money on a dream

  2. It's not Sly so much as it is one of his flunkies, Scott Wagner-Wagner needs to realize that all the years of rubber stamping the insanity spewing out of 12th & Oak has tainted him far beyond redemption.

  3. LOL keep doing the same thing over and over and over again....

  4. Why don't the KCMO electeds just try a little harder to actually do their jobs and address issues that are the responsibility of city government?
    Much safer neighborhoods come to mind. Neighborhoods all over the city.
    And maintaining and fixing streets.
    How about utilities and ridiculous bills?
    Leave business issues like start-ups and job creation to the private sector where they belong.
    These folks just play at city government.
    KCMO needs some serious people in city hall.
    And the lineup of candidates doesn't include any.
    8:01am is exactly right. Same ole thing, over and over.


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