Thursday, August 09, 2018

Credit Where It's Due: Kansas SecState Kobach Doing The Right Thing By Recusing Himself From GOP Primary Vote Counting

Late night vote count follow-up and hopefully follow-through during the daylight hours for a voting process that's completely busted.

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Kobach will recuse himself from the further counting of votes after Colyer request

Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer has asked for Secretary of State Kris Kobach to recuse himself from giving advice to county election officials regarding the ongoing primary election. In a letter written Thursday, Colyer says it has come to his attention that Kobach was giving advice to county election officials, and making public statements on national television that are inconsistent with Kansas law.


Anonymous said...

Either one of these candidates is going to beat the liberal in November. Thank God.

Anonymous said...

There's a liberal running for Governor? Who?

The primary voters picked a Democrat with an A- rating from the NRA.

Then there's an Independent running.

Where's the lib?

Anonymous said...

So much for becoming Trump's new AG.

Kobach pussed out.

Anonymous said...

Kobach was quoted, “No worries. My comrades have got this.

Anonymous said...

Aieeee! The casual use of a common word means Russiarussiarussia!

Anonymous said...

Kobach is about to crack.

Anonymous said...

Quit slandering the next Governor of the Great Ex-State of Kansas!