Coming Up: UMKC Anti-Koch Bro Conference

Community radio offers deets on an upcoming gathering of local progressives pushing back against two politically active billionaire bros that Prez Trump called a "joke" in one of his recent rants.

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Conference -

A Progressive Activist Conference to Educate, Agitate and Inspire Keynote Speakers, Workshops, Meet & Greet Dinner, Live Music, Story Telling, & Spoken Word SCROLL DOWN TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT The conference features three notable thinkers on how American democracy is ...


  1. One has to wonder how much George Soros money is paying for this collective progressive post modern temper tantrum?


  2. Soros is paying a lot and so are others in the deep state.

  3. No, no, no. It's the lizard people funding the whole thing along with the grandson of Col. Sanders who makes his delicious chicken so addictive.

    Don't drink the fluoride in the water, it will turn you gay. @7:09 & 7:40 landed at the wrong site. I think they were looking for Infowhores - Best man love site on the internet.

    Please, take your conspiracy theories and shove them gently. Don't get mad sweeties, I just embarrassed you.


  4. ^^^ Smootches from a Gay frog? No thanks. Take your filthy lifestyle elsewhere.

  5. Hypocritical liberals love to hate the Koch Brothers but they're happy to accept millions from George Soros - a one percenter who made his money running a hedge fund on Wall Street. I thought liberals hated Wall Street, hedge funds and one percenters. Oh, they do until they need their money.

  6. A Louisiana Negro Burned A White Baby Alive8/7/18, 4:10 PM

    90.1 Commie-fest ! Meet real live ACLU Kikes !


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