Clay Chastain Decries Mayor Sly Double Standard On Kansas City Petition Initiatives

The latest campaign update and local voting advocacy from Kansas City's most prolific transit proponent . . .

Press Release: Mayoral Candidate Clay Chastain cites Mayor Sly & city's double standard when it come to petitions

Mayor Sly James is now trying to get his $30 million per year (for 10-years) sales tax petition plan (to fund Pre-K education) on the ballot via, of all mechanisms, the democratic petition process. Mercy.

Now, I have just a few questions for our anti-petition, double standard-acting mayor and city government...

(1) Does Sly and the city still think the petition process is too easy to place issues before the voters, or just too easy when citizens try and do it?

(2) Would Sly like it if his petition measure were to be approved by voters but then later called "unworkable" and totally repealed? The city did that to the people's 2006 light rail petition measure approved by 75,000 voters.

(3) Would Sly like it if a vote were delayed on his petition measure (for 3.5-years) because his petition plan was deemed "facially unconstitutional?" Sly and the city did that to the people's 2011 light rail petition.

(4) Would Sly like it if his sales tax petition plan were placed before voters without any details? Sly and the city did that to the people's light rail measure in 2014 (the city's petition language did not even mention the words light rail)?

(5) Would Sly like it if the city's legal department came out and said (right before the vote) that his petition plan is "illegal and can be repealed, if approved by voters" (after previously telling Sly it was legal before he circulated it)? Sly and the city's legal department did that to the people's 2015 light rail petition.

(6) Would Sly like it if the city were to completely change the meaning and intent of his petition plan and then place that distorted plan before the voters? Sly and the city did that to the people's 2017 Rapid Rail / Electric Bus / Bikeway petition proposal by referring to that plan as a vague confusing measure to simply expand the city's streetcar system wherever the city chose.

(7) And if Sly protests, would Sly like it if he were retaliated against by having his name placed on the City's secret "Watch List" for individuals deemed dangerous and capable of committing violence? Sly and the city did all this to Kansas City Community Activist Clay Chastain.

* Elect me because not only will I lead the city to a new era of growth and prosperity, I will also completely eliminate the corruption at City Hall.

Engineer Clay and Kansas City, Missouri Mayoral Candidate


  1. Go gettem clay, I’m behind you on this one!

  2. He makes valid points,now if he moves to KC id vote for him

  3. I would vote for him for anything! He is the only man challenging this corrupt city government!

  4. Mayor

  5. 5:20 pm, plus 1000!!!

  6. Mayoral


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