Check Old School Kansas City Attractions

Here's a look at what locals did for fun a long time ago when they weren't beating their wives or committing some kind of hate crime. Checkit:

Turn O' the Century Kansas City Amusement

Nowadays, if you want entertainment, you don't even have to leave your couch - seasons of "Friends" are just a Netflix log-in away. The more adventurous types can head to First Fridays or take a ride on the Mamba roller coaster at Worlds of Fun. But what about a hundred years ago?


  1. Notice there was no mention of gay bars or entertainment for queers and faggots. Because back then a queer didn’t dare go swishing around and announcing his faggotry to the whole world.

  2. What a dreamer - they were private clubs.
    Some of the leading Families in this area had offspring who were members.

    But if any trouble occurred, the Police hushed it up, so no scandal was ever mentioned. One of the all-male bordellos operated three blocks from City Hall from the 1910s through World War Two.

    Keep your prejudices, buddy, but pick up some Historical facts, it'll keep you from making a fool of yourself.

  3. @9:27 always, and I mean always talks about queers. He has some deep-seated desires that he "touches" on in every post. He likes to use terms like faggotry and swishing because it titillates him to no end. Isn't that right Nancy?

  4. Kansas City didn’t have homosexuals in the early 1900s. They mostly lived in New York or SAN Fran.

  5. ^^and you would know geezer cause you're that fucking old! Die already. Jeez!

  6. ^^ Do you treat your grandparents that way?

  7. ^^No, they're cool as fuck. They have lives, friends, and a life purpose. They are not broken-down, busted, old racists who hate on everything and everybody like you and the rest of these geriatric fucktards on here. They are far too busy, and much to smart, to be spending their days on blog spewing venom like you.


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