Austin Petersen Seyz He's The Strongest Challenger To Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill

Here's one more look at an alternative voice speaking to Missouri Conservatives who are considering straying away from the status quo.


I'm the strongest Senate candidate against Sen. McCaskill: Austin Petersen

Missouri Senate candidate Austin Petersen discusses the problems surrounding universal health care and why he feels that he will win the U.S. Senate primary in Missouri.


  1. I for one think Peter Austinson is delutional.

  2. @11:23am
    Being delusional certainly hasn't stopped lots of other wannabes from running for office.
    In fact, quite a few of them have already won.
    Exhibit A?
    Sly and his take on the horrendous homicide rate in KCMO.
    If that isn't delusional, it's hard to imagine what is.
    At least he was wearing his best clown suit when he gave the press conference.

  3. ^KCPS skolar, y'all.

  4. @ 1:24, I gather that you've never heard Austin speak, or you'd have gotten the joke.

    But then, you probably wouldn't have, anyway.


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