After EPIC Johnson County Voting FAIL: How Good Golden Ghetto Election Guarantee?!?!

And here's how the fight over suburban middle-class Democracy starts as officials look into the results and the inevitable recount awaits . . .

Despite reporting delay, JoCo Election Office confident in accuracy of votes cast

The Johnson County, Kansas, Election Office issued a statement on a significant delay in reporting election results in Tuesday's primary. The unofficial finals results were posted just before 8 a.m. Wednesday. "We remain confident in the integrity of the votes cast, and the accuracy of the vote tabulation process in Johnson County.


  1. the machines had one or two confusing features, which must have slowed voting.

  2. If you couldn't figure out how to use the voting machines in JoCo you shouldn't be allowed to vote. No harder than ordering lunch from the fast food order taker of the future, a kiosk.

  3. Interesting coincidences though...
    All precincts except Johnson County reporting, Colyer leads Koster by 431 votes, suddenly the computer goes down, and when it comes back up Koster Leads Colyer by 191 votes.

    If it had happened in a Democratic Party contest, the Trumptards would be screaming already.

  4. ^^^ Damn right! Look for Ronnie Metzger to land a cushy well-paying, do-nothing State job in January.

  5. ^^^ It looks like Ronnie already has a cushy well-paying do-nothing job now.

    That's how he treats his Joco election job.

  6. those kiosks, not yet perfected, can be a nightmare!


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