In a nutshell, the most prolific KCMO transit enthusiasts wants to turn to the feds for anti-crime cash.

Here's his latest statement and proposal so that voters can judge for themselves, with a highlight of the most provocative passage by TKC . . .

Clay Chastain takes stance (and offers plan) to mitigate Kansas City's escalating and unacceptable violence

Kansas City's on-going spate of deadly violence is not only terrorizing the citizens living in certain city neighborhoods (as well as ruining the city's image as an attractive and safe place to live and do business), it is also putting the city's police force under great peril and stress in it's heroic efforts to try and contain the unabated violence. Kansas City is nearing a state of emergency.

A government's first responsibility is to protect the safety of its citizens. However, Kansas City's government has failed to meet that obligation. Not only that, City Hall has exacerbated the violence with its long standing policy of focusing on glitz and not the core. Because the city's focus (over the last three decades) has largely been to cater to the needs of the elite over the needs of inner city citizens, violence is coming home to roost.

We can do better. We will do better, if Clay is elected Mayor. Here then, in brief, is Clay's CPR (Crime Prevention Reduction) Plan to make Kansas City safer, if elected mayor:

Step #1. If Kansas City's deadly and injurious violence continues unabated, Clay will ask the Governor of Missouri to dispatch 2-military police battalions (the 175th and 205th) of the Missouri National Guard to assist the overwhelmed KCPD in restoring safety to Kansas City's most dangerous neighborhoods.

Step #2. Mayor Clay will put the focus on prosecutors and the courts to stiffen prison time (with no parole) for individuals convicted of committing a crime using a gun.

Step #3. Clay will initiate a new long-term crime prevention plan that will seek the help of mothers, friends and school officials in identifying youth that show early signs of gravitating towards a life of drugs, gang-activity and violence. The plan will seek to help these troubled youth (job training, mental health counseling, vocational skills, etc) so as to provide them a viable alternative to seeking a destructive life of crime.

Step #4. Clay will focus the city's attention on restoring the core by targeting new business investments, transit improvement and infrastructure repairs in Kansas City's most disadvantaged and dangerous neighborhoods. And hire these newly-trained youth to help rebuild the infrastructure in their own neighborhood.

Since the President promised he would end the "carnage" in American cities, Clay will ask his administration for federal assistance in carrying out Clay's CPR Plan.

Clay Chastain, candidate for mayor.


  1. I think the taxi guy proposed something similar but it's interesting to see a candidate propose something beyond the typical vigil solution.

  2. Waste of effort. We need a wall around the area of town that generates most of the shootings. Cordon off this part of the city and let the animals have at it. Can't stop it, but perhaps we can contain it to some degree.

  3. But what will the Black Preachers do with their "Rent-A-Mobs"?

  4. Sylvester Carwash8/6/18, 10:58 AM

    If Killa City only had a mayor with, maybe, a military police background. And maybe an ex-marine would know how to deal with criminals.
    Sorry. I forgot that Sly has that experience.
    What's the problem?
    Well, maybe Sly just doesn't care.

  5. What could be more glitz than Clay's obsession with trains?

    But he does have a point about the current leaders not caring. As long as Sly can blame guns for the problems it gives him an excuse for inaction.

  6. Get fuckin real.

    The National Guard?

    Progressives would be salivating, hoping, dreaming of the moment some inexperienced, young white kid, lined up against a mob of thugs, their parents and community "Activists" who would have the gleeful support of the 4th Estate, says, or, god forbid, does something considered "rayciss" (Like defending himself while being spit on, having rocks thrown at him, etc etc).

    Here come the Headlines and talking points -

    "White Pseudo Nazi Occupation Of Inner City Victims Fights The Good Fight Against Oppression And Racism."

    "Innocent Youths Beaten On Their Way To Choir Practice By White Nationalist Guard"

    "Trump's Military Take Over Of Inner City Neighborhoods Should Send A Chill Down Our Collective Spines".

    It would be endless, night and day, in the MSM.

    Look, this dysfunction will never end, because there is money, power and sinecure in the in the racial hatred drummed up by Progressives. THAT is all that counts. On election day, blacks go to the polling stations imbued with hatred for whitey and vote Democrat.


    If you think, for a fuckin minute, that white Progressives from Johnson County to the Ward Parkway corridor wanna hang around with be a part of, or really give a flying fuck about dead black people, then you are either, uninformed, inexperienced, a liar (That would apply to all white Progressive politicians.), or, willfully impercipient, based on a lack of IQ, or, again, an emotional attachment to a narrative that feeds you own ego.

    This is not, NOT going to stop.

  7. The National Guard should not be brought in to stop this momentum.

    1. I think we have 73 murders compared to 88 at this time in 2017. We don’t want to slow down now that we are catching up to last year.

  8. Maybe he wants to bring in the National Gaurd to help teach them to shoot straight.

  9. If the National Guard comes to KC, be sure to tell them to bring a big big roll of $100 bills.
    The east side revs don't come cheap!

  10. Chuck says: I'm an excellent driver.

  11. National Guard would rather be deployed to Afghanistan than Kansas City Missery. Better chance of getting out alive.

  12. Martial law.

  13. Does no good to try and hold criminals accountable when the prosecutor will not prosecute.

  14. Militarizing the police are bringing in the National Guard is not going to solve anything. If Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and the Dominican republic cant solve their crime with the military how do you expect it to work in KC?

  15. It's gets crazier everyday.

  16. it's an emergency and civil order needs to be restored.

  17. ^^Wrong. Go take a nap pops. You've had a busy day being a scared racist.

  18. Let's say the returned carpet-bagger gets elected, lets say he follows through and requests the State Guard, let's say that is a legally permitted action, let's say they land on the streets just east of downtown. Now watcha gonna do Clay? They're going to arrest thugs? Get locked up and put right back on the streets two weeks later. They're going to be such a heavy presence that crime rates do drop when they are there, will they stay there in perpetuity? Will they march house to house where their verbal communication with the denizens of the deep ghetto will spontaneously change their ways, start raising kids to participate in society, respect life, care about their neighborhoods?

    No, none of the above. For the youngest generation (8 - 13ish), you might be able to change their ways with significant immediate action. The 16-18 year olds and above are set in that lifestyle for the rest of their lives. They only thing they understand is immediate, extreme violence. You going to have the Guard react to 'Murican citizens the way they would to a hostile invading force, even though that would be an appropriate classification? Not likely. Anyone have some actual viable solution? I don't.

  19. 11:03, blacks don't give a shit about dead black people...they are the ones killing their own and won't even be witnesses against it.

  20. That goes for you too, 11:05.

  21. The National Guard will never agree to this. People don't join the National Guard expecting to put their lives in danger. They just want a part time job with good benefits.

  22. I freakin love it! Shot across the bow at the mayor and city council, freakin genious!


  23. I think this is a good idea. Declare Marshall Law, Sad to say, it's getting to that point.

  24. I knew Marshall Law, and yes, he was always declaring things...idiot.

  25. 8:45 Hahaha . Some people


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