Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Witness Local Hospitality Living Hell

Here's the MUST READ ARTICLE of the day and some brilliant journalism on the the brutal toll taken by the tourism industry on its workers.


Caught In The Extended Stay Motel Trap

This summer, millions of vacationers are expected to visit Branson, Mo., to see acts like singer Tony Orlando or the Oak Ridge Boys. It's boom time for the tourist destination, but for many of the workers who keep the good times rolling, a severe shortage of affordable housing forces them into rundown extended stay motels.


Anonymous said...

Only $500 per month for a fleabag?

Anonymous said...

Good place to find sluts and drugs.

Anonymous said...

America. Winners and losers and over time, but simple mathematics the number of winners shrinks and losers swells.

If I were born five years ago I might live long enough to see this grand democratic experiment turn into a third world country.

It'll happen.

Anonymous said...

I have no sympathy for anything Branson related. Years ago, they called all their musicians in to do recording sessions. The producers and show owners had the musicians play through their show music, and everything was recorded.

Directly after that, almost every LIVE music performer in Branson was fired.
If you go there now, you're listening to mixes of the fired musicians play through their show tunes one last time for future audiences. There's no way any of these musicians are getting royalties for their recordings.

Branson! Family fun for all! *Hey, those musicians had families. Fuck Branson

Anonymous said...

But according to KCMO city leaders tourism leads to economic prosperity for all. So much so that we must subsidize sports venues, arenas, entertainment districts, convention hotels, streetcars and build a new airport.

Anonymous said...

Need more immigrants to go to Branson to help that economy. Open our borders. Socialism will help everyone. Maxine Waters is going to open a strip show there.