Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Kansas City Blogging Against God?!?!?

Regular readers You d-bags know I'm a fan of Bill Tammeus even though I rarely agree with him . . . And I have to admit that I was waiting for him to write this blog post.

It was worth the wait and TOTES lived up to expectations.


A loud, provocative case against God: 7-11-18

The president of the Philippines says he'll resign if anyone can prove that God exists. Well, he's actually gone considerably beyond that. He's called God "stupid" and a "psychopath" and a "son of a bitch." Clearly Rodrigo Duterte (pictured here)...


Anonymous said...

The Kansas City Atheist Coaltion will have orgasms over this.

They actually have comments on their facebook page praising this murderous atheist.

chuck said...

I always thought that Hemingway penned his suicide note, in "A Farewell To Arms" as the protagonist watched ants burn, on a log, in a fire, as he sat with a cup of water, he didn't drink.

The spectre of an indifferent god, has tortured millions throughout history. Answers to the dualistic conundrum that has bedeviled the Occident for over a millennia, can be found, in my opinion, through insight, derived from introspection and Oriental thought. An eclectic view of religion, coupled with the knowledge that it is a human concept that some see useful (Pascals Gambit), with a nod to the mystical aspects of all religions (Jesus was an Essene), might just keep Hemingway's shotgun out of your mouth.

chuck said...

By the way, if you are looking for a way to see through the mirror, I recommend, "The Three Pillars Of Zen".

"The Tibetan Book Of The Dead".

Books on Sufi mysticism.

Everything by Elaine Pagels

"The Prophet" - Kahlil Gibran

St. Augustine

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

^^^ No thanks, the bible is sufficient for me.

Anonymous said...

This guy wants someone to prove God exists, but he has called God stupid, psychopath and on????

Sounds like he already believes in God he just doesn't like him.

Read the bible dude it's all there.

Anonymous said...

So who cares what Rodrigo Duterte believes in. Personally I could care less what Bill Tammeus believes in either. Which one in the end is wrong? Which one is right? Smart people know all about the story of God and why God was created. Just so happens one of the regulars on this blog gave a talk once several years ago about the bible and how they think it came to be. It really makes you stop and think about it all. But in the meantime worship who you want and who makes you feel the best as you go through life. But remember, nobody has a special connection to anything or anyone no matter what they may preach to you.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I didn't realize you were actually a fan of the Catholic basher and Israel basher Billy Tammy.


Greedo said...

Not really interesting at all. TKC has said he's also a fan of Christopher Hitchens but didn't agree with him at all, and he met both of those criteria you listed.

If you're only a fan of things that you agree with, you'll never learn anything.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a million UNIVERSES according to astronomers.
Over a million GALAXIES in each universe.
Over a million STARS (SOLAR SYSTEMS) in each galaxy.

GOD set up headquarters in the most obscure spot HE could find.

How do we know this? Bunch of guys wrote it down. It's called the bible.

How do we know things are true? They're in the paper. Folks wrote them down.


Anonymous said...

Goddamn Bill you need to slow down. This Philippine dictator has murdered tens of thousands civilians with death squads and your offended he questions the existance of God? Your a piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

God obviously intervenes. Although science has made it possible to destroy civilization in a day, and poison the planet forever. But we're still here in spite of ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I see the Kansas City Atheshit Club members are frothing at the mouth. Ask them about the internal dissension brewing over their meet up group Kansas City Oasis. Their national leader Mike A US got involved in some nastiness.

Anonymous said...

7:56 is preaching to you.

Anonymous said...

Anything any religious expert thinks they know about God is wrong.the Kansas City Atheist can’t prove God doesn’t exist. Jesus freak jackoffs can’t prove God does exist. Tammeus is just a bitter old faggot trying to stir shit up

Anonymous said...

Shut up Josh, you passive/agressive atheist pussyfooting.