Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Former Kansas Guv Brownback Now Working For Alt-Right And Notorious Brit Activist?!?

Tommy Robinson is a far-far-far right-wing activist in Great Britain and he was recently jailed amid reporting controversy . . . The bigger news is that he has become a hero to the American alt-right and now the former Kansas Guv is in the midst of a flap regarding clandestine U.S. & extremist support for the controversial leader . . . Take a look:

Trump ambassador 'raised Tommy Robinson case with UK government after Breitbart lobbying'

Donald Trump's ambassador for international religious freedom was lobbied by Breitbart to raise the case of Tommy Robinson with the British government, sources say. Former US Senator Sam Brownback reportedly told British ambassador Sir Kim Darroch that Breitbart "people" had contacted him about Robinson's imprisonment, a government source told Reuters.


CausingFitna said...

Tony has a soft spot for Sharia supremacy.

Anonymous said...

But, but... isn't "Brownnose" some sort of Ambassador for Religious Stuff?
Yaxley-Lennon is in jail for Contempt Of Court, after violating the terms of a plea bargain to avoid assault charges after he beat up a 58 year old female neighbor during an argument!

What's the "religious" angle that Brownback is interfering about?
Is it just because Steve Bannon has asked him to?

Greedo said...

Fitna aren't you on some watch list? I think Tony even linked your disaster of a website at one point until you went off the deep end.

I commend TKC for linking this story at all. Wouldn't have found it otherwise and I this Tommy Robinson character is doing very interesting work.

Open Borders For Israel said...

Good for Brownback !

Anonymous said...

The Tommy Robinson case is legitimately disturbing no matter your politics. He's jailed due to speaking out against rape in the UK. He's jailed due to speech. Even liberals are worried about this.

Anonymous said...

Far, Far, Far right wing????? Please! He is only speaking out against the invasion of his country and the daily stabbings in London.

Biased much Tony???

Anonymous said...

Fitna, untangle urself. If you want to go fight the horde in Europa then buy a boat ticket. This blog is KCMO and that garbage doesn't fly here.