TrumpCare Cost Breaking Families?!?!

The medical industrial complex continues to take a toll on American livelihood amid rising costs and the aging population. Read more:

Medical debt hits a quarter of Missouri, Kansas families, survey says - Kansas City Business Journal

A study commissioned by several Kansas City-area health nonprofits showed more than a million residents of Kansas and Missouri lived in households with medical debt. According to the survey, which was released on Monday, a quarter of adults and a third of children live in households with medical debt.


  1. Why is this headline here? Going to the link site, one finds you must pay $140 to subscribe. No way. Thus, do way to dig into these numbers to see just what they mean.

    Without more detail, it's a nothing-burger.

  2. Edit

    no way

    (not) do way

  3. You can thank Obama for that

  4. Trumpcare breaking families? Are you kidding? My health insurance tripled under Obamacare even though I never even used it! Because of Obamacare, I now have to have a $10,000 deductible just to have health insurance. Obamacare punishes the middle class by making folks who buy their own health insurance pay for other people getting free or heavily subsidized health insurance.

  5. You can thank Democrats like Claire McCaskill and Nancy Pelosi for our screwed up healthcare because they didn't even bother to read the Obamacare bill before they voted for it.


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