Thursday, June 14, 2018


Summer is KCMO fundraising season for the political elite and one of the most active local players is prepared to take his volunteer work and a great deal of community involvement to the next level.

TKC readers who have any real world experience in local politics have seen him around a litany of local events and noticed that he has worked diligently over the past decade in building a solid rep and list of local community-based activities.

And now . . .


There's no doubt that he knows his stuff about KCMO politics but he faces intense competition in the most contentious and politically engaged neighborhoods in KCMO.

Here's his campaign announcement . . . You decide:

With KC city council bid, downtown pioneer looks to help city work better for all

Civic leader and downtown businessman Jared Campbell has announced his candidacy for the Kansas City council’s fourth district.

Jared, a long-time downtown resident and a producer for a national insurance company, was the first candidate to form a campaign committee for the in-district seat. His platform is as straightforward as it is strategic:

• Strengthening neighborhoods
• Fostering job growth
• Building for Kansas City’s future

“As a lifelong fan of Kansas City and a long-time resident of downtown, I have really gotten to know the gems of our city – the things we’re doing right – as well as the places where we have room for improvement,” said Jared. “My run for city council comes at a time when we have great opportunities to make our phenomenal city run more smoothly for the people who live and work in the fourth district.”

A native of suburban Kansas City, Jared was always drawn to the rich history and architectural marvel of downtown and the surrounding areas. So, upon graduating from William Jewell College with a political science degree, he made good on his dream by putting down stakes in the Quality Hill neighborhood. Straight away, he started volunteering with hyperlocal advocacy groups and has become evermore involved over the years.

Jared was elected an inaugural board member of the Downtown Neighborhood Association in 2004. Now back on the board, he is currently serving his third year as president. He is an officer for the Downtown Community Improvement District, where he has been one of the few residential representatives since joining the board in 2010. He is a graduate of Kansas City’s Community Engagement University and the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s Centurions leadership program and he has served on the Neighborhood Tourism Development Fund, the Citizens Association Board and the Centurions Alumni Association, including service as president.

“Up to this point, a lot of my involvement has been at the neighborhood level and I’m eager to take the next step,” Jared said. “I’m passionate about public service and there are a lot of opportunities for city councilmembers to continue to improve Kansas City. Our current leaders have done a lot in the last decade or so, but there is a lot more to be done.”

Jared and his wife, Katie, and their two dogs, Lucy and June, live in a condo in the heart of downtown, just blocks from where the couple first met in the elevator of their former apartment building.

Campbell’s campaign will officially kick off with a launch party later this summer. Additional details are available at

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Sure, he knows his stuff and I like that he's putting his campaign info out there early. But is he going to work on neighborhood issues because Jolie didn't really do much about mundane things like trash pickup, street lights or neighborhood policing. She was much too concerned with trying to boost her civic profile and didn't really like getting her hands dirty.

Anonymous said...

Jared's a nice guy, I'll take him over Cleaver's office worker any day.

Anonymous said...

Is he going to run on a no new taxes or plenty of new taxes platform?

Anonymous said...

^^^ If he does, he'll pick up about 1000 votes from people who usually just ignore elections.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he will primarily be focused on downtown. Almost any new face would be an improvement over what is already there.

Anonymous said...

And you can bet he wouldn't let an SBA car washwash go 10 years without paying a done!

Anonymous said...

Is he owned by a ventriloquist ?

Anonymous said...

...or a puppet carver ?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a much better pedigree than the typical KC council member.

Anonymous said...

Can't be any worse!

Hope he learns between now and Election Time that the 4th District also includes the plaza, Loose Park, parts of Ward Parkway, the Old Northeast, and that a fifth of this District's residents are the "Orphans Of The North" that were gerrymandered into the 4th in violation of the City Charter's requirement that a District must be contiguous.

Neither Jolie the Hetero Slut or Kitty Cardarella ever figured that much out.

Greedo said...

^^^ +1

yeah, Jared actually seems to care about KC. That's a nice change from most people on the council who are just looking for a check or something to do with their spare time.

Anonymous said...

Tony deleted my comment about how women won't vote for him because he doesn't brag about grabbing them by their pussy.

In the Era of Trump it is meaningless to talk about qualifications.