Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Kansas City Sunday News Look

A glimpse at fashion hotness in transition as we start the morning:

Her: Candice Swanepoel jokes about her huge bump as due date approaches

Closer to home, here are more than a few news links worth a look:

Kansas City Traffic Trouble Cont'd

Bridge demolition big adjustment for residents near I-70

Interstate 70 in the east side of the metro is closed for the weekend so construction crews can demolish three bridges that were in disrepair.

Local Name Game Advocacy

Police took three days to notify family of crash victim with no ID. That can't happen again

The family of Anthony A. Belton Jr. wants to know why Kansas City police didn't ask the public for help trying to identify the 24-year old man after his death. It's a question that deserves an answer. And an issue that should spur an update to the department's death notification policy.

Give Kansas City Bikes A Brake

Cyclist hit by truck reminds motorists of 3 feet rule

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An avid cyclist who was hit by a truck last year is reminding drivers to stay at least 3 feet away from any cyclists on the road. Chuck Carter was hit by a truck last November in Johnson County and had to have hip surgery.

Local Conservative Conversation

Newt Gingrich Joins Pete Mundo on KCMO

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich joined Pete Mundo on KCMO to discuss Donald Trump's presidency thus far, how he feels about Claire McCaskill's reelection bid in Missouri and why there is a "red wave" possibly coming in November.

Space Dirt Slap Fight

Woman sues NASA in Kansas over moon dust possession

A Tennessee woman is suing NASA in Kansas to affirm her ownership of lunar dust she says astronaut Neil Armstrong gave her. The Kansas City Star reports that Laura Murray Cicco filed the federal lawsuit Wednesday seeking to establish her moon dust ownership under the Declaratory Judgment Act of the United States Code.

Show-Me Progressive Celeb Tour

McCaskill, Kander stoke Democratic fervor

Two of Missouri's leading Democratic figures gave local party faithful rousing election-year pep talks Saturday afternoon in St. Joseph. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri, was the highlight of activities held during the second round of Northwest Democrat Days 2018.

Home Team Winning Weekend

Duffy dominates in Royals' 2-0 win over Athletics

OAKLAND, Calif. - Danny Duffy can blow away hitters with a mid-90s fastball. He's learning that his softer stuff can be just as effective. Duffy pitched 7.0 innings of three-hit ball, and the Kansas City Royals snapped a six-game skid with a 2-0 victory over the Oakland Athletics on Saturday.

Bob Marley - Redemption song is the tune of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Didn't the fat guy who was on the Pete Mundo Show used to be somebody?
Is he one of the Kardashians?

Anonymous said...

Remember the "3 Feet" Rule the next time you see a Bicyclist on the road...
1) Stop your Car within the next three feet after you first see the Cyclist.

2) Everyone immediately exit the Motor Vehicle and stand at reverent attention as the Cyclist slowly approaches.

3) Drop to your knees and genuflect as the Cyclist passes.

4) Stan after the Cyclist has passed and remain at attention until the Cyclist is no longer in sight.

5) And, as the Lawyer for the Cyclists commands, carry extra Insurance so the Lawyer can collect more money.

Anonymous said...

Rule or law ?

Anonymous said...

Anthony A. Belton Jr. made 2 mistakes that we know of the day he died.
First, he left the house without his ID.
Second, utilizing the mudshark as the getaway driver.
Young and dumb, as they say...

Anonymous said...

Chuck Conner and his fleabag lawyer should remember the 3000 lb rule. Thats how much that car out weighs you by

Anonymous said...

Every notice how all cyclists flip the rules of the road out at people in cars all the time while they consistently break all rules of the road.

Fuck them is my moto till the are required to carry insurance and register their bikes and pay road tax like the rest of us driving in cars on the road do. (Unless your black and generally have no insurance or current tags)

Anonymous said...

“Fiery wreck” should be your first clue and why blame everybody else because somee dipshit hoodrat ain’t gots no ID, fuck the star and their piss poor paper

Anonymous said...

Why is it the police's fault that it took them 3 days to identify a man who did not want to be identified? I get it that the surviving loved ones are frustrated over Belton's death, but do they really think the police WEREN'T trying do identify the unknown deceased?

Anonymous said...

Go ride your bike at the park or through your lush suburban neighborhoods. Stay the F off of streets designed for many, many vehicles. Or, better yet, buy a stationary bike with a video console and pick "urban scenes" and imagine your riding your bike through NYC or Los Angeles, or wherever.

Anonymous said...

Fucking cyclist need to PAY ATTENTION!

Anonymous said...

Kander 2020!

Anonymous said...

He was busy banging a new honey while visiting his wife who was dying of cancer in the hospital. Good Catholic :)

Anonymous said...

That unidentified man was 24 and didn't have his fingerprints on file yet with the police? Did he ever leave the house before?

Anonymous said...

Still don't get the Anthony Belton story. Family is too stupid to call 911 and talk to a live operator, they just keep calling a number no one answers on weekends WTF? I know the Star is waging war on the KCPD Chief, first a ticket non-story now this crap, but come on already.