Show-Me Politicos Working To Dodge Disgraced Missouri Guv's Legal Bills

Aftermath of the scandal of the year . . . So far and the inevitable fight over the cash it cost. Here's the latest & greatest update:

Barnes to Steelman: Don't pay Greitens' attorneys

The chairman of a Missouri House committee that investigated former Gov. Eric Greitens doesn't want the state to pay for his lawyers. Greitens hired attorneys Ed Greim and Ross Garber to represent him in his official capacity as governor.


  1. It should be a personal or campaign expense. The state shouldn't pay to defend against impeachment.

  2. The "Office Of Governor" was never charged with or under investigation for wrongdoing, and furthermore the "office Of Governor" already has Legal Representation under the State Constitution, that being the "Office Of Attorney General".

    Therefore, IF Eric Greitens hired these persons to represent the "Office Of Governor", he and they acted illegally, and the State is not responsible for costs incurred. If these attorneys acted on Greitens behalf, they acted for him personally, and the State is responsible for any costs incurred.

    The can, of course file suit against the State, but they personally should be held responsible for all costs if (when) the Court finds against them. They can of course, sue Greatens for payment, but that is not a matter concerning the State.

  3. Correction!

    In the second paragraph, the last sentence should read "If these attorneys acted on Greitens behalf, they acted for him personally, and the State is NOT responsible for any costs incurred.

    (Damn! Can't even blame Spell Checking!)

  4. Make the dummocrats pay for it, they tried to force a trial on false charges and what’s their bill in all this?

  5. Dummocrats took the repubturd down didn't they?

  6. No, the State did!
    WE WON!!

  7. ^^Who's we? You didn't do a goddamn thing. How sad and pathetic you must be.

  8. 9:36 why should you care? They don’t tax your welfare checks do they


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