Show-Me Lawyers For Greitens Desperately Fighting To Avoid Getting Stiffed By Missouri

These legal eagles don't give their consent to some rough treatment by politicos working to protect taxpayers from the costly aftermath of a destructive scandal that started with news of rough adultery. Read more:

Greitens attorneys say state should pay their bills

One of the lawyers who represented former Gov. Eric Greitens before a state House committee investigating his conduct says the state's rejection of their bills sets a "terrible precedent." "If it works this time, then the next time there's some sort of politically controversial engagement, you'll have the same thing happen again," said Kansas City attorney Ed Greim.


  1. Sounds like the governor hired them and maybe signed the agreement. Sounds like the lawyers got what they usually get. Paid for failed outcome.

  2. Steelman, of course, doesn’t know what the fuck she is doing. These two guys are going to sue the state and its going to cost way more than the amount the state is refusing to pay.

  3. Talk about nanny state?


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