Show-Me Abortion Crackdown Missouri Win

Actually, abortive pills are nasty but slightly less objectionable than vacuum suction abortion constantly promoted and mistaken for "rights" by progressives advocating baby murder . . . Nevertheless, for opponents of the practice, this is a win:

Missouri's Restriction On Medication Abortions Can Continue, Judge Rules

A federal judge has declined to block a Missouri regulation governing medication abortions, although she found that the restriction "has virtually no benefit." Ruling in a case brought by the Planned Parenthood affiliates in Kansas City and St. Louis, U.S.


  1. The most dangerous place for a child is in the mothers womb! You women who get abortions should look at the body parts that get torn out of your womb after you kill your baby! Life ends at planned parenthood!

  2. Fetal Attraction6/12/18, 11:00 PM

    A fetus is not a child. This is the real debate that the polytheist Mary-worshippers do not want to have because they are intellectually bankrupt and consume way more than their share of welfare because of their profligate breeding.

  3. @9:24 has it right.


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