Po'Folk Campaign Continues In Kansas

A massive protest is underway at local statehouses and local news is mostly downplaying that demonstrations that have resulted in continued arrests. Read more:

16 arrested in fourth week of Poor People's Campaign protests in Topeka

Sixteen people were arrested Monday in front of Gov. Jeff Colyer's office as they protested state healthcare policies and environmental degradation.The protest was the fourth in a weekly series organized by the Poor People's Campaign, a national coalition calling for economic and social justice.


  1. Jails are full of stupid people as these sixteen have proven. Getting arrested and issued citations week after week makes people ignore you more than support you.

  2. ^^Naw, that's not how it works dummy. Civil disobedience is highly effective. Look at this country's history for proof of that. Maybe you shouldn't have dropped out of school in the 5th grade? You sound really stupid.


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