Northland Council Lady Heather Hall Announces Kansas City Reelection Bid

The campaign announcements are coming in fast and furious and tonight we want to give special consideration to a trendsetter on the Council.

Council Lady Heather Hall is one of the very few avowed Conservatives at 12th & Oak in the modern era and her first term has been exceptionally productive.

She talked accountability for taxpayer subsidy, more resources including a new fire station and police station for the Northland along with helping Council lady Teresa Loar work for Veteran housing.

Here's her recent campaign kick-off statement:

"Heather Hall: I am officially announcing that I will seek re-election to the Kansas City Council, District 1, In-District in 2019. I am honored to have had the privilege to serve and hope to continue to complete campaign promises for Public Safety, Infrastructure and Small Business Growth. I am still #StandingUpForTheNorthland!"

Developing . . .


  1. Heather has been a very good member of council. she has learned a lot and will offer more leadership in her next term. One of the very best.

  2. we need more housing for Veterans. Glad Heather his helping with that, hope she keeps it on her list of priorities.

  3. Does she put out?

  4. 11:51--What a shallow sexist comment. Next you'll probably want to know if she's a swallower or spitter. Shame on you.

  5. One of the very few on the council that is any good.

  6. If it ain't white, it ain't right.

    ALWAYS always vote for white people if you want actual results.

  7. What are her views on bulk email?
    Will she push to get KCMO infrastructure fixed or will she bail and push Team Slie's agenda?
    Will she be supporting Team Slie's action item of getting the blight pushed out of downtown?
    Does she like Spam?

  8. Mr, Honesty (Trust Me)6/11/18, 7:51 AM

    @ 1:33 just ignore the troll who posted at 11:51 and 6:47, he spent the whole night in front of the keyboard in Mommy's Basement, with his hand down this month's pair of XXXL Sweatpants, waiting for someone to be outraged and fumbling around in the folds of fat in excitement at the thought that anybody would notice him.

    Pitiful misfits like him are a part of life on blogs like this, isolated, hopeless, dull, and smelly.

    Shake your head at their inanities, post if you have something "on topic" to say, and if you're feeling generous, spare a thought of pity for the miserable state they have in lieu of a life.

  9. ^^Blah blah blah. Boring, dull and insipid work. Reads as if a retarded third grade may have written it. Unoriginal, not funny, and stultifying.

  10. I like her!

  11. She was asking the right questions about the $35M of taxpayer cash that was handed directly to the convention hotel developer. Her colleagues were literally too stupid to help her out. We need more thoughtful elected officials willing to ask questions. I am writing her campaign check. GO HEATHER!

  12. As a Northlander, I wish we were still in District 1. Our portion of the City was sliced off and stuck in District 4 south of the river. We have NO representation from Jolie Justus, and there is no reason for us to be gerrymandered and disconnected from our Northland neighbors. Why were we treated this way? Nobody will say.

  13. Heather Hall gave us Big Sonia Day !........(crickets)................(crickets)............

  14. One Who Still Reads6/11/18, 4:54 PM

    OOH! @ 8:22, a/k/a GOOFY GRAMMER GREMLIN learned a new word, "stultifying"!

    Not your best effort by far, Old Chap, but congrats in finally opening the Dictionary you got for Christmas.


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